Limoges China & Dinnerware

Limoges China and Dinnerware

Limoges china is a designation given to china that is produced in the Limoges region of central France. You can find antique as well as contemporary pieces and collections of Limoges china.

What are Limoges boxes?

Some time in the mid-17th century, porcelain manufacturers in Limoges began manufacturing decorative trinkets, including snuff boxes and needle boxes. Since so much hand work is involved in the creation of every piece, each Limoges box in the same limited edition may display subtle variations.

  • Travel: There are Limoges pieces for landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the leaning Tower of Pisa, and for practically every other landmark in the world.
  • Special occasions: You can find boxes to give as gifts for birthdays, graduations, and holidays such as Mother’s Day. There’s also a lineup of witches, ghouls, ghosts, and grinning Jack-o’-lanterns that change from Halloween to Halloween.
  • Wine: There are a wide assortment of Limoges porcelain boxes in the shapes of wine bottles, wine barrels, and even corkscrews.

What themes do Limoges boxes come in?

The Haviland Company is a manufacturer of Limoges china. An American businessman named David Haviland started the business in the mid-19th century. This factory produces plates, dinnerware, tea sets, and other pieces.

What is Haviland Limoges?

The company employed artists like Felix Bracquemond, Paul Gaugin, and Raoul Dufy to decorate its porcelain. Haviland has manufactured more than 20,000 discrete dinnerware patterns. You can also find Haviland porcelain creations that include ashtrays, dresser trays, and ornamental baskets. Some Haviland patterns you might find on Limoges china and dinnerware include:

  • Apple Blossom: This pattern features pale pink flowers and light green leaves on a white background.
  • Drop Rose: Plates, cups, and saucers with the Haviland Drop Rose pattern have bold pink wreaths of roses. The plates are often scalloped with gold accents.
  • Autumn Leaf: China with the Autumn Leaf pattern has a gold trim and a scattering of painted autumn leaves.
  • Aquarius: This floral design features blue, green, and yellow and a ring of colorful dots.
  • Bel Aire: A swirl of green dots and green leaves decorate each piece of china in this Haviland pattern.

What other companies manufacture Limoges china?

Several companies, both large and small, manufactured, and in some cases, continue to create Limoges china and dinnerware, such as:

  • Paroutaud Freres
  • Flambeau
  • Guerin-Pouyat-Elite LTD
  • The Elite Works
  • Martin Freres and Brothers
  • Bernardaud and Company
  • Martial Reardon
  • Charles Tharaud

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