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Choosing an Phone Case Cover Type for Your Smartphone?

Just as it is tradition, Samsung released a rugged version of its phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. It is important to protect the device from drops and falls that might happen by accident. You do this by finding the ideal cover for your Galaxy S6.

There are various types of phone covers to choose from. Here are some:

  • Slim cases - These are the most common types in the streets. They are most preferred because of being pocket-friendly. Besides, they are colorful, thus they allow you to express your personality. They are also shock absorbent and ultra thin. However, they might easily crack if they are made out of tough plastic or if they are not waterproof.
  • Rugged cases - These phone covers are bulky and heavy. They add an extra dual layer of protection for your Galaxy S6. They make your slim phone feel like a brick. Additionally, they are made out of hard rubber, and this gives them some waterproofing capability and added grip.
  • Folio cases - These are a bit more stylish and are made of leather. They will cover your Samsung on the front and they can act also as a wallet. The downside is that they do not cover the small ports on your phone hence dust might enter.
  • Flip cases - These phone covers can have built-in kickstands for your Galaxy S6. They are very common with tablets. There are various positions in which you can position it to convert your device into a desktop PC.

How do I choose the ideal phone cover for my Galaxy S6?

Picking the right Samsung Galaxy S6 case is dependent on some factors. For instance, how clumsy are you? How much protection do you want?

Here is a guide to help you with that:

  • Consider the materials - Phone covers are made of different materials such as silicone, rubber, and TPU. Polycarbonate is excellent since it offers scratch proof and other protective properties for your Galaxy S6. Those made of leather tend to be more stylish though are a bit bulkier than the plastic ones.
  • Features - Phone cases are not only for protective purposes but are also for functionality. Some phone covers come with built-in wallets where you can store your cards. Some covers also come with a battery which is vital for supplying continuous power to your Galaxy S6. The color is also key. If you have a black phone, then you should match it with a black phone cover or you can choose a different color for a beautiful blend.
  • Brands - There are numerous brands which you can choose a phone cover from. One such is LifeProof. They produce shockproof and waterproof phone cases.

Why should I put a cover on my Galaxy phone?

  1. They offer extra protection to your phone against drops and scratches.
  2. They also add style to your device.
  3. Covers add extra grip especially for a phone with thin bezels.
  4. You can have customized covers to match your style.

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