Estuches, fundas y cubiertas para LifeProof para Samsung Galaxy S7

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Cases, Covers, and Skins to Protect Your Smartphone

Modern smartphones are made through complex manufacturing processes that allow for beautiful, slim, and sleek designs. But with most flagship smartphones that use glass and metal for their bodies, you will have to be extra careful when using them without a case. This is because they use tempered glass that is on one hand extremely resistant to scratches but on the other extremely fragile when subjected to focused impacts. That said, LifeProof and other manufacturers of phone cases have snagged the opportunity to not only produce covers that protect against impacts but also add another layer of protection that smartphones usually do not have.

Why Would I Need a Galaxy S7 Case or Cover?

  • Protection and Function: Add basic scratch protection with a clear screen protector to keep your Gorilla Glass panel pristine. Many cases shield all the areas prone to cracking during a fall, such as the corners and the screen. A lip that protrudes from the sides of the case allows you to set your Galaxy S7 down on its face without rubbing the screen against the surface. Some also have convenient card slots for credit cards to slip on for added function and convenience.
  • Grip: Prevention beats a cure. To prevent drops and falls in the first place, you have to have a confident grip on your Galaxy phone. This simply isn't true with glass or even metal phones because they easily slip out of your hand even with the slightest presence of moisture. A case remedies this by adding some texture to the body of the Samsung phone along with tactile grip so that you're less likely to drop it in the first place. Slim cases do this by adding an outer lip to the edges so your fingertips can wrap around them for a confident grip.
  • Water Resistance: The FRĒ line is a waterproof case that creates a tight seal on all parts of your Galaxy S7 while providing a clear view of your screen. It has doors that protect the USB port and headphone jack as well.

What Additional Phone Accessories Can I Buy?

  • Belt Clip: This is a handy addition when your job requires you to actively have your Galaxy S7 at the ready. It will keep your phone accessible at the job site and aren't fidgety even if you have gloves on.
  • Bike Mount: This is good for using GPS navigation when commuting or taking a trail less traveled on your daily bike session.
  • Armband: This accessory is a solution to having your Galaxy S7 bounce around in your loose shorts pocket. The armband keeps the Samsung phone accessible and prevents headphone cables from becoming tangled.