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Leica Total Stations & Accessories

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Accessories for Your Leica Total Station

Amateur and professional surveyors need Leica geosystems and Leica total stations to get accurate measurements when surveying. Even if you dont know how to operate a Leica total station right off the bat, you can read the manual and figure it out with ease. Find great new and preowned total station models like the Leica 405 total station on eBay.

Whats the difference between newer and older geosystems?

Newer geosystems have a longer prism range. They also come with software that can translate data points into 3D models and simultaneously process the data received at the base site. Some geosystems have electronic guide lights to help you work in dark or cloudy conditions. Geosystems come in a range of weights. They can be as light as 4.3 kilograms and as heavy as 7.3 kilograms. See the manufacturer’s site for details. Choose the total station that matches your needs and capabilities.

What are the defining characteristics of a Leica total station?

Leica geosystems, like the Leica Builder 405 total station, have many important characteristics and features that distinguish them from other total stations. Unlike some of the more complicated systems, the Leica 405 total station is simple enough for anyone to use. Here are some qualities of the Leica 405 total station:

  • 500-meter prism range- The prism range is the distance to which you can get accurate measurements. The Leica 405 has a prism range of 500 meters, making it ideal for smaller plots of land and acreage.
  • Internal memory system- The internal memory system has a total capacity of 50,000 points, so you can analyze an almost endless series of elevations.
  • Multilingual support- Not everyone speaks English as a first language. The Leica 405 supports up to three languages.
  • PowerSite software- Once youve collected the data, you need to be able to integrate it onto your computer. Thats why the Leica 405 comes with PowerSite software to help you do that.
Which Leica total station accessories are available for purchase on eBay?

There are many Leica robotic total station accessories on eBay. Browse through items such as the robotic total station, the topcon total station, geosystems, and more. Many of the systems and accessories are previously owned but in great condition or pulled directly from functional environments. Newer models are on the pricier side, but youll get accurate measurements. Find affordably priced used total stations if you’re on a budget.

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