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Larry Bird Basketball Trading Cards

Larry Bird was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998. His accolades are numerous, including making 12 NBA All-Star teams, winning three NBA championships with the Celtics, three MVP awards, and two Finals MVPs. His game and impact are represented through trading cards produced over the years of his career.

How long did Larry Bird play in the NBA?

Larry Bird was drafted by the Boston Celtics as a 23-year-old in 1978. The 1979-80 season was his rookie year. He went on to play until age 35 in the year 1992, totaling 13 seasons in the league.

What teams are represented in Larry Bird's trading cards?

Throughout his 13-year basketball career, Larry Bird only played for one NBA team, the Boston Celtics. He always wore jersey No. 33 and played forward.

Which card companies produced Bird's basketball cards?

You can find Larry Bird basketball cards from brands like Topps, Fleer, Panini, Skybox, and Upper Deck. Bird's rookie basketball card was released by Topps in its 1980-81 set. It came in a tri-quadrant card with two other players in a stats-leader specialty insert. In one version, Bird, wearing his Celtics jersey, is flanked by Julius Erving and Magic Johnson, with Erving as the scoring leader. Another version highlights Bird with Fred Brown and Ron Brewer on his sides.

What types of basketball cards show Larry Bird?

Other than his rookie card, Larry Bird basketball cards run the gamut. Autographed basketball cards are available. There are copies of his Topps tri-picture card autographed by all three players. Bird’s autograph graces the front of many reprint and new edition cards as well. Companies like Topps have released inserts in new sets that feature throwback players. Thus, Bird autographed basketball cards can be found in sets from years after he retired from the NBA.

Special edition Upper Deck cards utilize what is deemed a \"piece of authentic.\" These are basketball cards that have a rare insert, either of a piece of a jersey, a portion of a basketball floor, or something else. You may find Bird cards with these pieces of authentic memorabilia.

Other collectible Larry Bird basketball cards are made to be collectible by the card companies. They do this by making a card rare in circulation. Such rare inserts include things like refractors, which are NBA cards with prisms or foils that refract the light.

Are there any gem mint Larry Bird cards?

Gem mint is the highest grade a professional graded card can receive. It is a 10 out of 10 on the scale and implies there are no discernible faults or flaws of any kind with the piece. Gem mint Larry Bird cards do indeed exist, from Topps sets, as well as many others.