LEE Filters

What to Know About Using LEE Filters

With LEE Filters, photographers, architects, lighting designers, and cinematographers get precision products that are manufactured using two substrates ' glass and resin. There are three central Lee filter systems, which include: Seven5 (75mm), 100mm, and SW150 (150mm). When you shop on eBay, you are opening the door to hundreds of Lee filter kits for a wide range of different cameras used by professionals.

When would you use an ND filter?

Filters work by bending light as it makes its way to the camera sensor. The result is a higher aperture for an extended length of time. The ND filter allows you to eliminate the step of changing the opening for a reduction in light within your image. In this way, you can adjust the exposure in any way you like with the LEE filter.

Do LEE Filters have an extreme wide-angle lens filter?

To apply effects for your wide-angle shots, check out the SW150 Mark II Filter Holder. LEE Filters has specifically manufactured these filters to cover ultra-wide angle lenses. It's compatible with the vast array of just the LEE filter you need, like the standard, neutral density graduated, Litter, Super and Big Stoppers, and SW150 polarizer.

What does a circular polarizer filter do?

If you want to capture images of reflections, dark skies, or maybe you wish to suppress a glared water surface, like the sea or lakes, then polarize. Polarized filters force light through a series of parallel slits; this can help to cut reflection and glare. After you place the polarizing LEE filter in front of the camera lens, you can adjust the rotational orientation to get the artistic look and feel in the image you desire. Professionals also refer to the circular polarizer as the CPL filter. With this filter, the photograph results can come out with increased contrast and color saturation.

What is a big stopper filter?

If you want to reduce the amount of light that comes into your lens, the Big Stopper is a density filter that is neutral. With the screen, anything you capture will have a ghost-like or blurred look for anything moving, such as:

  • Ocean waves or other water features
  • Clouds
  • Vegetation like tree leaves and grasslands
  • People
  • Traffic

Before using this LEE filter, you want to first calculate the exposure time without it. With that calculation along with the filter strength, you can come up with the exposure time using the filter. There is also a LEE Filters Big Stopper app you can use for the calculation if interested.

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