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Kyosho Hobby RC Model Vehicle Parts and Accessories

From the USA-1 truck to the Mini-Z to the Inferno racing buggy, Kyosho makes electric and nitro RC vehicles. Kyosho parts can help manage normal wear and tear. These parts can also give you the option to enhance your RC car, buggy, truck, or other vehicle to enhance the performance overall or on a particular track or course.

What's the difference between a kit and an RTR model?

Kyosho makes both RTR RCs and RC kits. RTR stands for "ready to run." An RTR buggy, truck, or other vehicle isn't only prebuilt; it is also pre-tuned. A Kyosho kit, on the other hand, is assembled from parts and then has to be tuned for balance. Once running, there isn't much difference between an RTR and a kit vehicle. Replacement parts will still be necessary in order to:

  • Replace Kyosho parts that have worn through usage
  • Fix vehicles that have suffered accident damage
  • Upgrade for better overall performance
  • Optimize for a particular track, course, or environment
What does scale mean for Kyosho vehicles?

Scale is a measurement used by Kyosho and other RC manufacturers to indicate relative size. For Kyosho trucks modeled after real-world trucks, it indicates size relative to that subject. In cases where there's no real-world analog, such as with the Kyosho Inferno buggy, the metric indicates size relative to other vehicles in that class. A 1/8-scale buggy, for instance, wouldn't be suitable for 1/10-scale buggy racing.

Does scale matter when choosing parts?

Scale matters to a great degree. Consider that Kyosho makes both a 1/10 and a 1/8 Inferno buggy. These vehicles share most of the same parts in terms of their names and designs, but the sizes are different, and smaller or larger parts won't be interchangeable.

Which materials are parts made of?

Most parts made by Kyosho for electric and nitro vehicles are made of a plastic composite. Such composites are durable and flexible, which gives them good impact resistance. If you're upgrading a buggy or other vehicle for racing, material options include:

  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Carbon Fiber
How do you choose the right part or accessory?

If need to replace a stock part, such as for a Mini-Z or an Inferno buggy, check your Kyosho manual. Find the exploded view of the vehicle, identify the part, and then use the indicated part number. Many upgrades will indicate part numbers as well. Otherwise, you must determine compatibility with the following:

  • Vehicle class
  • Particular model
  • Scale