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How to Select AA Single-Use Batteries

Your remote control needs them. So do your toys, cameras, flashlights, and other everyday devices. From rechargeable, Xtralife, to single-use, battery options are in plenty. Single-use batteries make an excellent backup option thanks to their durability and high energy capacity. Just as the name states, single-use batteries are used once and then disposed of. Here are a few tips to help you during the purchasing process.

What are the different types of AA single-use batteries?

There are two main types of AA packs available namely:

  • Alkaline - These models contain an alkaline electrolyte, made mostly of potassium hydroxide. They offer an energy capacity of 1.5V, which gradually discharges over time depending on usage.
  • Lithium - Lithium models are a bit pricey compared to Alkaline. However, they do have superior performance and greater longevity. They offer a nominal voltage of 1.5 - 3V.

What should I expect from my Kodak AA batteries?

After selecting the type suited to your needs, be sure to consider the power capacity and lifespan.

The power capacity and lifespan refer to the amount of charge stored in a battery before use. This number differs depending on price, type, and the manufacturer. Two main factors determine a battery's lifespan:

  • Total life - This is a measure of your battery's performance and longevity. It's quantified as the run time on a full charge.
  • Charge cycle - This refers to the service life of a battery or the number of charge cycles until end of useful life. It is only applicable for rechargeable AA or AAA models.

Different batteries are prone to specific external factors, such as temperature, humidity, magnetic fields, etc. A good Kodak Extra heavy-duty model should be able to withstand its surrounding environment without any impact on its performance.

What safety tips should I be aware of?

Lithium and alkaline batteries are relatively benign household items, and as such, users should exercise caution at all times. A battery pack can present some dangers if not stored and disposed of correctly. You should always:

  • Store your battery in a cool, dry place
  • Clean the contact surface and battery compartment each time you put in new cells
  • Always use the same Kodak AA models when more than one battery is needed in a device
  • If a battery leaks and the fluids touch your skin or get into your eyes, rinse with cold water and seek medical attention
  • Dispose of used AA alkaline batteries immediately and keep out of reach of children
  • Do not try to recharge a non-rechargeable battery
  • If there's a color or shape change, or the pack is giving off an odd smell, do not use the battery
  • Do not store your power pack with metal objects as this could short-circuit them

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