El juego de niños y adolescentes conjuntos de mesa y sillas

Children's Tables and Chairs

Children's tables and chairs are designed to suit little ones, with lower table tops, smaller seats and shorter legs. Often these are nothing more than scaled-down versions of grown-up furniture but, with just a little imagination, they can become something very special in their own right, made specifically with little kids in mind.

Themed Children's Tables and Chairs

You'll find a huge range of themed children's tables and chairs on eBay, with everything from popular films like Frozen to Cars, to perennial favourites like jungle animals, pirates and Disney princesses. There are children's chairs with crayons for legs, tables with a Lego base as their top and even children's sets that are an all in one art station, complete with built-in in racks and containers for pens, pencils and paints.

A Huge Choice of Finishes

Children's tables and chair sets come in a wide range of finishes, from wipe clean plastic to traditional wood, including inflatable chairs and fully upholstered versions. You can even by a child-sized chaise lounge for the high class toddler. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that it is built to last, with the endless bustling energy of little kids in mind.

Space Saving Style

Many children's chair and table sets will pack away or stack up to save space in their playroom or nursery. These include clever designs that pack away into a football shape or a fire engine. You can also buy folding chairs in child sizes with metal and wooden versions available.

Choose by Age

Of course, there is no set size for children and they grow up so fast. To ensure that your little ones aren't too big or too small to use a specific set, make sure you choose your table and chair sets by ages. Many manufacturers offer a choice of furniture to match different age groups.