Automóvil y Camión KC HiLiTES niebla y luces exteriores

Choosing KC HiLiTES Fog or Driving Lights For Your Car or Truck

When night falls or fog closes in, you need a good set of lights to get you safely home. Equipping your jeep or car with extra fog lights is especially useful if you use it for outdoor work or like to drive off-road.

Which Kinds of Lights Can I Choose From?

  • Headlights replace the existing lights on your vehicle. Replacing your lights is an opportunity to upgrade to something more powerful, or to install something tougher for driving off-road.
  • Light bars consist of a row of lights and provide a lot of illumination. They are very popular for off-roading and working outdoors. They are also very flexible. You could attach a light bar above the windshield, on the front bumper, or on the grille. Make sure to measure your truck first because different light bars come in different widths.
  • Individual lamps give you even more flexibility than light bars, although you need a lot of them to get the same amount of lighting. They attach to light brackets that you can mount on your vehicle as you see fit, including places where light bars would be difficult to install like the A-pillar.
  • KC HiLiTES also makes roof racks with built-in light bars. This is less flexible than a regular light bar, but the extra external storage space and the high-mounted lighting makes them a great option for working trucks.

Which Features Should I Look For?

  • Stone guards protect headlights from flying rocks and other impacts. They arent necessary for street driving, but if you plan to take your truck into the back country, you need stone guards.
  • Not all aftermarket fog lights are street legal, especially off-road lights. That isnt a problem if you stay off roads, but check your local laws if you want to drive your work vehicle to the grocery store.
  • Think about the kind of wiring harness that your new lights will need. Your new fog lights may not be compatible with your existing wiring harness, so you may need to install a new wiring setup to use them.

Should I Choose LEDs or Halogen Lights?

  • Halogen bulbs are a very efficient form of incandescent lighting. They produce warm, powerful lighting.
  • LED lights are another popular option and have a big efficiency advantage over halogen designs. LED bulbs are usually more suitable for short to medium-distance illumination but can still put out a lot of power.
  • KC HiLiTES also makes HID fog lights. These lights use tungsten electrodes sealed into gas-filled quartz tubes to create very intense long-distance fog beams. KC HID lights are significantly more powerful than either LEDs or halogen lights, so they are a good choice if you want the most illumination possible.

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