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Johnson & Johnson Dental Floss and Flossers

Johnson & Johnson was the first company to mass produce dental floss. It's been over a century since the company first used leftover suture silk to make dental yarn, and the brand continues to offer customers an array of options. Most of the company's floss-related products have been rebranded as LISTERINE floss.

What types of flossing products does the company make?
  • Ultraclean: The Ultraclean option is designed to remove plaque from between the teeth. It is made of waxed pebax multip-rib mono-filament, and it's equipped with shred-resistant, micro-grooves technology. It has a mint flavor, and does not contain typical mouth rinse ingredients.
  • Cool Mint: The brand's Cool Mint option is made of waxed polypropylene air-entangled multi-filament.
  • Healthy White: The Healthy White option has baking soda, which is intended to clean and remove stains left by coffee and tea.
  • Gentle Gum Care: This option is designed for people with sensitive gums and teeth. It's made of waxed nylon texturized multi-filament, which is treated so that it's soft and springy. LISTERINE Gentle Gum Care has a mild cinnamon flavor.
Which buying options are available?

When purchasing J&J LISTERINE floss-related products, there are several buying options:

  • Size: They come with 30 yards or 55 yards of flossing yarn.
  • Packs: They are often available in packs of two or six. Bulk options may be available as well.
What types of flossers does the company make?

LISTERINE also makes the Ultraclean Access Flosser. They are designed for use in hard to reach places, like in between the back teeth. These flossers have the following features:

  • Handle: Johnson & Johnson flossers have long ergonomic handles. The handles are wrapped in a non-slip grip material.
  • Head: At the end of each handle is a removable head, which holds a short strand of flossing yarn.
  • Yarn: The strong yarn is made of polyethylene twisted multi-filament.
  • Disposable Heads: Flossers come with eight disposable heads. The brand recommends that users replace the head daily.
How do you replace the heads?

To replace the head of a LISTERINE Ultraclean Access Flosser, follow these steps:

  • Steady the handle of the flosser on a hard surface. Then depress the neck of the handle with a finger until the head releases.
  • Thread the handle through the center of the replacement head. Line up the notches, and then press the handle until it clicks into place.
Can you buy replacement heads?

Replacement heads for LISTERINE Ultraclean Access Flossers are sold in packs of 28.

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