JVC 2 DIN Car Audio In-Dash units

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Common Questions About JVC 2 DIN Car Audio In Dash Units

If in-car entertainment is a priority as you drive, consider a 2 DIN JVC car audio unit. Because of their large size, double DIN stereo systems have space for multiple control knobs with which you can adjust your listening experience. They may also feature spacious touchscreen panels. With a JVC Kenwood unit, you may be able to listen to music, access apps, play movies, and enjoy other interactive features during your travels.

What features are available for car audio units?

Your car stereo, which is also known as a head unit, is your source of entertainment as you drive. If you like to listen to music or stay in touch with the world during your travels, you may want to look for a JVC audio system that offers many interactive, user-friendly features.

  • Touchscreen: With a touchscreen panel, you can tap on the display to access music, directions, and more.
  • DVD player: Many 2 DIN car audio systems have a large display screen on which the passengers in your car can watch movies while you drive.
  • Backup camera: You may be able to view the feed from a rearview camera on your double DIN screen.
  • Music information: The stereo's display may show you the name and artist of the songs that play.
  • Smartphone compatibility: A head unit may pair with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay so you can connect your phone to your receiver.
  • USB input: This allows you to plug in a portable drive through which you can play media, such as photos or songs.
  • Remote control: With a JVC Kenwood remote control, passengers throughout the car can start a CD or skip to the next song. Some car stereos allow you to set up your smartphone as a remote control, and the two devices use Bluetooth technology to communicate.
How big is a double DIN audio unit?

A double DIN in-dash stereo is twice the size of a single DIN head unit. It measures about 7 inches across and 4 inches high. The large size means that the unit may have space for built-in amplifiers, a colorful display, or a touchscreen.

The depth of a 2 DIN stereo unit can vary. Be sure to measure the available depth in your vehicle's dash before selecting a JVC unit.

Do stereos work with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Many JVC units are compatible with both of these systems, so you can pair your phone with your stereo whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone. With Apple CarPlay, you can communicate with Siri and use the in-dash touchscreen display to send texts, make calls, listen to your favorite songs, and get GPS navigation through Apple Maps. Android Auto allows you to send texts and calls, access Google Maps, play music, and use apps. Many receivers also work with WebLink, which is a pairing service that is compatible with both Android and Apple phones.

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