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Finding the Right Invacare Lightweight Wheelchair

For people that have to temporarily or permanently stay off their feet, wheelchairs provide a way of getting about. Lightweight wheelchairs are simply designed to weigh less so that they are more portable when not in use. Invacare lightweight wheelchairs are made to be durable and suit all sorts of use cases.

How Do You Find the Right Size Wheelchair?

The measurements and specifications of the wheelchair's chair will determine how you find the right the fit for you. These measurements include:

  • Seat Dimensions: When it comes to personal comfort, finding the right seat dimensions is crucial. The seat width and seat depth come in different sizes to suit people's different body types. So too does the seat to floor height, which measures the distance from the seat to the ground. The seat to floor distance also impacts the length to your footrests.
  • Seat Back Height: One particularly important factor is the seat back height and how it will affect the users ability to move their wheelchair. Although there to provide back support, high back seats can limit the range of motion when users push their own chairs with their arms. 

What Are the Tradeoffs to Lightweight Wheelchairs?

As Invacare also make power wheelchairs and handcycles, it's important to know what the tradeoffs are to choosing a lightweight manual wheelchair, such as:

  • Manual Movement: Lightweight wheelchairs are typically manual wheelchairs as the technology and batteries used in power wheelchairs makes them much heavier. This means these lightweight chairs are only useful for people who can propel the wheels themselves or have help.
  • Weight Capacity: It is important to know that lightweight wheelchairs come with a lower weight capacity than regular or heavy-duty wheelchairs.

What Are Some Design Features to Look for in Wheelchairs?

To make them more practical, versatile, and comfortable, wheelchairs can come with a wide array of particular design features, including:

  • Dual Axle: In order to adjust the height of the chair, some wheelchairs feature a dual axle design.
  • Flip-Back Arms: There are times when you may want the armrests out of the way. Flip-back arms feature a hinge at the back so that they can be swung around behind the back of the wheelchair. Rather than dismantling the arms, this keeps them out of the way and easily accessible.
  • Desk Length Arms: While ordinary wheelchairs are made with full length armrests, some designs have the option for arms that are desk length, so that the user can get even closer to a table or desk without the arms getting in the way.

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