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Interior Switches and Controls for Infiniti G35

If you have an Infiniti G35 sedan, youll notice many controls inside your car for windows, climate control, and lights. If you need to replace these controls for any reason, there are a variety of OEM and aftermarket options available for your model. You can find direct replacement parts that are an exact fit for the trim of your sedans current switches or controls.

What are the switches to control the Infinitis power windows?

The direct replacement switches for the Infiniti G35 are designed to attach to the interior of your driver’s side door. They feature a spot on the bottom of each section where you attach the wiring, making installation simple. Both the Infiniti G35 sedan and coupe parts feature white illustrations that allow you to see if the button is for the windows or to activate the power locks. Your fingers wont slip, thanks to the slightly raised finger grips on the top. These interior switches are the same small size as your sedan or coupes original equipment, with dimensions of 12.3 by 6.3 by 4.5 inches and a weight of less than six ounces.

Do the replacement start buttons fit the Infiniti G35?

The original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) interior replacement buttons will fit a variety of Infiniti vehicles, including your Infiniti G35. If youre unsure which model you need, you can check your owners manual for the specific trim. The button is used to start the G35 sedan or coupe without a key and is a light gray in color. The lettering of the ignition switch is written in black, providing a nice contrast. The point of attachment to the ignition is on the bottom of the Infinitis switch, making for an easy connection.

What materials are the oil pressure switches made of?

Made out of high-quality metals such as steel and aluminum, the Infiniti interior oil pressure switch is a direct replacement part that has dimensions of 1.5 by 1.1 by 2.8 inches. The part for the Infiniti G35 coupe or sedan weighs a mere 0.8 ounces and features a black exterior. It is preset to send a notification alert if your cars oil pressure drops below the vehicles original equipment specifications.

What are the specifications of the fog light wiring harness?

A direct replacement for the Infiniti G35 wiring harness will feature a design for easy installation between the bulbs and the original harness. You can also use it as a piggyback extension for melted connectors. The wiring is durable at 14 gauges and the connector is ceramic, keeping them from melting at high temperatures. At 8-inches long, the harness provides plenty of room for connecting the part to your Infiniti, without risk of breaking.