Partes interiores para Ford F-350

Interior Parts for the Ford F-350 Super Duty

When you need to make a repair to the interior of your Ford F-350 truck, the right replacement parts can ensure a lasting fix. From dashboard panels to floor mats to door locks, it?s helpful to find components that are designed specifically for your F-350 model. Browse through a wide variety of parts to find the right fit for your vehicle.

What are some available switches and controls for the F-350?

Some of the most important parts in the interior of your F-350 are the switches and controls. These items help you control everything from the door locks to the radio. Some available parts include:

  • Turn signal: This unit sits on the center post of your steering wheel. On the F-350, it usually controls your turn signal as well as the windshield wipers.
  • Mirror controls: This small box switch contains electronic connectors on the bottom and switches on the top. Depending on your F-350s year, it includes buttons or a joystick that controls your driver-side and passenger-side mirrors.
  • Power windows: Most F-350s have at least two power window switches, one on each front door. If you have a Super Duty or a four-door vehicle, you?ll probably have four switches. These units control the windows; the driver-side version often controls all four windows.
  • Seat switches: These small units sit next to your seat. They enable you to control the power functions, including the tilt and slide mechanisms.
  • Door locks: Door lock controls operate all of the locks in your F-350. They can be activated manually with the push of a button, and they also communicate with your key fob for remote unlocking.
What are some available seat parts for the F-350?

After years of use, the seats of your F-350 can experience damage. Whether you need to replace all of the seats or a small component, it?s easy to find a part that matches your truck?s design.

  • Seats: Replace the entire seat assembly in your truck with a full set of seats. These units are available in two-seat, four-seat, and five-seat configurations to match your vehicle.
  • Seat covers: If you have a tear in the original upholstery of your seats, seat covers are a great solution. Choose from permanent or removable covers.
  • Console: These molded plastic units fit between the seats and usually include cup holders and storage compartments.
  • Jump seat: The jump seat sits between the two passenger seats in the back of the F-350. Some models feature a fold-down back, often with a cup holder and flat accessories area built in for convenience.
How can you choose interior parts for the F-350?

Since many components are designed for a specific year and model, it?s important to refine the options carefully to find compatible items. Use these steps to help in your search:

  • Choose a component: Select from switches, controls, dash panels, door panels, seats, covers, floor mats, and more.
  • Pick a year: Choose parts that are designed for your F-350?s year and trim.
  • Choose a style: Select an option that matches the style of your cab.
  • Select a color: Pick a color that matches or contrasts with your existing components.