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Volkswagen Beetle Car and Truck Interior Consoles and Parts

The original VW Beetle was developed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1934 to provide a useful car for average German families, or "Volkswagen". Variations of the original Beetle were made until 2003, with successive New Beetle and Beetle A5 generations moving the beloved bug-shaped coupes engine to the front. Interior parts and consoles for the Volkswagen Beetle are available for vintage and classic cars, as well as contemporary editions, years, and trim.

Are there center consoles for the VW Beetle?

Center consoles for contemporary Volkswagen Beetles are available in complete kits or covers for models manufactured after 1990. Owners may find original VW authorized consoles, OEM consoles, or aftermarket and custom kits in a variety of colors and finishes. Some of what you can find include:

  • Storage trays and ashtrays may be added to Volkswagen Beetle consoles.
  • Memory foam armrests may be added to console assemblies.
  • Monogrammed armrests and logo armrests are available for center consoles.

Vintage Volkswagen Beetles use other types of storage that can be fitted for upgrades or restoration projects.

What overhead VW consoles are available?

Aftermarket controls may be added for 1940s, 50s, and 60s vehicles. Models of the Volkswagen Beetle from the 1990s onwards have embedded overhead consoles. Complete light assemblies may be added with bezels matching original Volkswagen colors and decor. The 2011 and later Volkswagens may have consoles with light and sunroof control assemblies. The 2009 and newer models may have Bluetooth-capable overhead consoles.

Do Volkswagen Beetles have interior electrical outlets or chargers?

Vintage and classic VW Bug owners may choose from cigarette lighter-based power outlets and socket parts, enabling charging and use of in-car devices. Floor consoles for contemporary models have options for parts enabling AC power and USB ports. This includes one, two, and four port power outlets.

What VW interior storage options are there?
  • Floor Consoles: VW floor consoles may include shift assemblies and storage compartments, as well as cup holders and coin storage. Floor consoles also include storage compartments under the armrest, and Super Beetles may have additional storage parts and options for second-row seating.
  • Locking storage: Locking, secure storage for valuables or equipment may be obtained as inserts or add-on parts for front consoles.
  • Overhead storage: Overhead console cubbies for the Bug can match original factory colors.
  • Stow-away baskets Stow-away baskets may be found for 1960s and 1970s Volkswagen Beetles.
  • Vinyl parts: Vinyl console parts may be selected to add storage space to Super Beetles.
What interior parts and accessories for Beetle are there?
  • Trays and cup holders: Bamboo parcel trays are environmentally sustainable parts available to fit 1950s-1970s classic Beetles. Sunroof cup holders extend beverage storage capabilities in older Volkswagen models.
  • Armrests:OEM comfort armrests can be found in colors to match nearly every year and model of VW Beetle.
  • LED lights: LED interior vehicle lighting upgrade kits may be available for classic and new Volkswagen Beetles.