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Ford Flex Car and Truck Interior Consoles and Parts

The Ford Flex is a full-size luxury crossover SUV with a four door minivan/station wagon layout. With a seating arrangement that fits seven people in three rows, the Flex has a broad range of interior parts for replacement and enhancement. If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle or to replace a damaged part in this category, you will find a wide variety of options.

What Ford Flex parts and accessories improve ride quality?

Since the Ford Flex is a luxury class vehicle they have more parts and accessories than other non-luxury vehicles. These extra parts are designed to make the riding experience more comfortable for the driver and passengers. These parts and accessories include padded seats, padded armrests, storage, humidifiers, cup holders, and window soundproof sealing strips.

What is a striker?

A striker is part of the catch mechanism of a storage space in a car or truck that keeps the lid closed, similar to the latching mechanism in a door lock. Without a striker, the lid will not stay firmly closed. While gravity may keep the lid of the front console storage loosely closed, rattling may occur while the vehicle is in motion. The glove storage lid will not stay closed without a striker. You can find striker replacement parts for the glove compartment and front center console storage lid for your Ford Flex.

What Ford Flex parts and accessories can be accentuated?

To accentuate your Flex, you can select seats, front and rear consoles, and console lids in a range of colors including black and tan. Accessories also include an assortment of trim pieces for your Flex.

What are the trim levels on the Ford Flex?

As is common with Ford cars and trucks, there are three trim levels available for your Flex depending on the vehicle’s model year. From its introduction in 2009, the three models are SE, SEL, and Limited. SE is the base model and Limited is the top level. The trim level with determine the different types of consoles and parts that are included within the vehicle.

How many consoles are there on a Ford Flex?

As a four door vehicle that seats seven, Flex has the basic four consoles: front, rear, center, and sunroof. The sunroof has ambient lighting controls for the driver and front passenger seats. As always, when buying parts for cars and trucks, verify with your owner’s manual to ensure that the replacement parts are compatible to your vehicle.