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What to Consider When Choosing a Desktop

Whether youre opting for an all-in-one desktop, or are piecing all of the peripherals together yourself, choosing the right Intel Core i5 desktop will make home computing much more seamless. Stable and upgradable, these types of Intel 5 desktops offer stability and reliability without breaking the bank.

What to Look for in an Intel Desktop PC

There are a few features and attributes to look for in a desktop PC, considering everything from your processor to your HDD. Some things to deliberate regarding your desktop include:

  • Processor type. An Intel Core processor, no matter the type, is standard for a desktop computer. The i5 core is a stable and viable processor, with an adequate amount of GHz. Keep in mind that its not just the amount of cores or core type thats important, but also how much GHz the processor has. An optimal range is a processor GHz of 2.7 GHz and above, particularly if your run graphics-heavy programs or like gaming. When it comes to cores, dual core and above work well for most desktop systems.
  • Hard drive. Your HDD is incredibly important as well. Many modern computers have breezed right past GB, now offering 1 TB or above when it comes to storage. If you have a lot of files to store on your desktop computer, your hard drive storage is incredibly important. 
  • GB RAM. Your memory is an important attribute on your Intel desktop PC. A good rule of thumb is to look for 8 GB RAM or above to make sure that your programs run seamlessly on your desktop computer. 
  • Operating system. Ensure that your desktop computer comes with Windows 7 or above. There is a newer version of Windows, but your Windows 7 version should offer a full license and can be upgraded. 
  • Other features. You may want to look for other features important to you such as a DVD-RW or DVD-ROM. Connections like USB and HDMI are also valuable to have. 

What Are Some Popular Desktop PC Intel Brands?

When it comes to Intel Core brands that carry Windows 7, there are a few notable mentions:

  • HP
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Acer

Many of these brands also offer all-in-one options, allowing you to essentially plug your Intel Core computer in right out of the box.

How to Build a Workable Home Office Station

If youre adding an Intel Core desktop to create a workstation at home, beyond a desk and office chair, there are a few peripherals you should have in order to create a comfortable space. Consider:

  • An extra-large monitor. This not only helps you see better but works well to watch movies and entertainment.
  • Printer/scanner. Look for an all-in-printer that lets you print, scan, and fax. 
  • Speakers. A good pair of Bluetooth speakers can really improve your computers sound.

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