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ICON Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets for motorcycles are designed to protect mens and womens heads in the event of a collision while riding a bike. These helmets can have many safety features but also many additional convenient features. You can find a wide variety of ICON helmets in many styles and designs for any motorcycle rider.

What types of motorcycle helmets are there?

There are five general categories when considering helmet options. These categories include the following:

  • Full face - These helmets cover the entire head, have a rear section that covers the skull base, and a section over the front of the chin. These typically include a face shield that moves up and down.
  • Off road - These helmets are designed with a more elongated chin and visor. They also have a partially open face to allow you to wear goggles and a chin bar.
  • Modular - These helmets are a hybrid between open-face and full-face models and resemble full faces when they are closed. The chin bar can be moved upwards.
  • Open face - These models fit over the back of the head, ears, and cheeks but do not have a lower chin bar.
  • Half helmet - These helmets are designed without a lowered rear in the same front design as the open face helmets.
What is ICON?

ICON Motosports is a company that specializes in producing and selling products for motorsport enthusiasts. Not only do they produce their own line of bikes, but ICON also manufactures a wide array of riding gear like helmets, jackets, gloves, protective gear, shields, and more.

What styles of helmets does ICON make?

ICON makes full-face helmets for men and women from sizes extra-small to triple extra-large. They come in a variety of styles and colors. They have the following five main categories:

  • Airframe Pro - The ICON Airframe is designed and made for the rider who has style. ICON Airframes feature a hand-applied design, ProLock shield-locking system, and a five-piece moisture-wicking liner. ICON Airframes are made in an intermediate oval fit.
  • Variant - The Variant line features models with a sublimated moisture-wicking liner and a fiberglass and carbon fiber shell. Variants also have a smoke and fog-protective Precision Optics shield. The fit on the Variant is long oval and features six air intakes.
  • Airmada - Airmadas include a wide array of helmets that are made of polycarbonate. The Airmada shields feature a locking system and are designed for a long oval fit.
  • Alliance GT - This Alliance line features models that are focused on comfort and ventilation. They have a shield-locking system, an intermediate oval fit, and five exhaust ports. These Alliances also feature vent triggers that help reduce wind noise.
  • Alliance - The ICON Alliance models feature hand-crafted designs, a moisture-wicking liner, and are made of a poly-carbon shell. ICON Alliances have an intermediate oval fit.
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