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IKEA Beds and Mattresses

Updating your bedroom furniture with a new bed frame and mattress can be complicated, but IKEA can make it easier by selling these products together. With many materials, styles, and sizes available, IKEA offers bedroom furniture that can accommodate any sleeper. For most people, the deciding factor is usually the quality of sleep and comfort that their mattress can provide.

What kind of mattress materials are available?

Choosing the proper material for your mattress is important because it affects how your weight is distributed during the night, and so it has an impact on your comfort as well. IKEA gives you the choice between two kinds of mattresses: foam mattresses and spring mattresses.

  • Spring mattresses: Spring mattresses use metal coils as a firm foundation for your mattress. The springs are spaced out inside the body of the mattress in such a way that your body weight should be distributed evenly over the top of the bed. Any pressure in your joints or back should be relieved. Some people find that spring mattresses can be too firm, especially if the coils are packed tightly together.
  • Foam mattresses: Foam mattresses use foam to support the body and relieve tension in your joints. Without the same structure of a spring mattress, a foam mattress is often much less firm. In addition, the foam is able to absorb movement, and so it can be an ideal option for people who share a bed.
  • Foam pillow yops: If you're undecided as to which mattress will be the most comfortable for you, another option available from IKEA is to use a foam mattress topper. In essence, this is a layer of foam that you can choose to put on top of any of your spring mattresses so that it is less firm. The benefit of adding a foam layer on an IKEA innerspring mattress is that you have the combined support of springs and the shock absorption of foam, making it the best of both worlds. These extra layers increase the height of the bed.
What factors should you consider when choosing an IKEA mattress?

Whether you choose a spring mattress or a foam mattress from IKEA, you will also want to keep in mind the smaller details that will also affect your comfort during the night.

  • Size: Most people are familiar with the three most common bed sizes: twin, full, and queen. IKEA offers mattresses and mattress toppers in all of these sizes as well as bed frames to accommodate them.
  • Bed frame: IKEA also offers mattresses that are combined with their bed frames. This type of furniture is called a divan, and it can save the hassle of ordering separate units.