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Hot Wheels Diecast Cars

How to Select Hot Wheels Diecast and Toy Cars

Hot Wheels makes its diecast cars as replicas of everything from sports cars to helicopters. Since 1968, kids have played with them and adults have collected them for display, and theyve become a large part of popular culture in the process. 

What Types of Diecast Cars Are Available?

Purchasing Hot Wheels cars means youve got hundreds of choices from which to select. Though vintage models are enjoyable to add to collections, the company keeps putting out more cars year after year, giving fans of the diecast toys plenty of options.

  • Sports-car replicas come in numerous makes and models that range from Corvettes to Mustangs and Ferraris. For rarer vehicles or limited-edition models, you can hunt down cars from the Treasure Hunts series, Redlines vintage series, First Editions, or Premium vehicles.
  • The Monster Jam series of trucks features oversized monster trucks with bright paint jobs and metal bodies. They also come in varied scale sizes.
  • This toy brand isnt just about cars, because you can collect vans, motorcycles, airplanes, and space shuttles.

What Are Some Pop Culture Diecast Car Types?

Some of the most unique models to collect are the pop-culture-inspired vehicles. Hot Wheels has been making TV and movie-vehicle replicas for years, and these models are often targeted by collectors.

  • One of the most famous toys that you can collect is Batmans iconic car, the Batmobile. The company has put out several variations of this vehicle in assorted sizes that correspond with specific movies or TV shows, such as the 1966 live-action series or the animated series.
  • You can go back in time with a diecast DeLorean, as the vehicle that inspired Doc Brown and Marty McFlys adventures in "Back to the Future" comes in toy form.
  • Collectible superhero cars represent heroes ranging from Wonder Woman to Aquaman. You can buy these in packs or separately, and some of the cars look like their counterparts, such as a green Hulk vehicle or a scaly Killer Croc mobile.

What Can You Do with These Toy Vehicles?

Since toy cars are mostly inexpensive, theyre often enjoyable to accumulate for kids and collectors alike. There are also several things you can do to enjoy your cars. 

  • One of the obvious uses is to play with them. Along with its cars, the brand makes corresponding playsets. These come with accessories like racing tracks or shooters that you can use to make cars race each other. 
  • You can also display the models. There are special shelving units and cases meant to hold and display the cars. You can collect cars for your kids or grandkids or enjoy your own collection of diecast models.
  • A unique use is to utilize Hot Wheels for craft projects or to decorate things like furniture, shelving, and tech with them. 

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