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Hoods for Eagle Talon

Eagle Talon Hood

Reasons for replacing an Eagle Talons hood can be for both functionality and style. An aftermarket Talon hood can change the overall look of the sports vehicle and help increase its horsepower as well. If a scoop is added or built into a hood, it can increase air intake to the engine and deliver better performance.

What materials are Eagle Talon hoods made of?

An Eagle Talon option made of carbon automatically gives the vehicle a race-ready look. It features UV resistance and a gel coat, which gives it shine and makes it look good at the same time. A carbon hood also doesnt need hood pins to keep it in place. Instead, it bolts in place and is ready to be installed right out of the box.

Another hood option for the Eagle Talon is fiberglass. A fiberglass hood is very similar in size to the vehicles factory hood. However, a hood made of fiberglass is often much lighter than other options. With less weight and mass, a fiberglass option could add to the vehicles performance on the road.

Are hood pins necessary with a carbon or fiber piece?

Hood pins arent necessary in all situations, but, most installers will recommend using pins as an extra safety measure. If you replace a factory unit with a fiberglass or carbon option, you may just be able to remove the original and use the factory equipment to install the new piece. Pins add a bit more protection and peace of mind when cruising down the road.

Can a scoop be added to an existing Talon?

Some models are sold with a vented scoop built into the design. However, scoops can be purchased separately and installed in existing units. There are a wide variety of aftermarket scoops available. The main difference in scoops is material and style. The average styles include the cowl and ram air. Common materials used to make these scoops include:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Steel
Can aftermarket Eagle Talon hoods be painted?

The answer to this question depends on the material the hood is made of as well as what model it is. For example, Eagle Talon carbon hoods are designed not to be painted, while Eagle Talon fiberglass hoods can be painted. Usually, fiberglass options are painted to match the exterior of the car. If a Talon owner chooses, a fiberglass option can be painted an alternate color or have stripes painted down the center.

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