Honda Motorcycle Decals & Stickers

Honda has been making quality motorcycles since 1970. Chances are that if you own one you like to show it off. You can find decals and stickers for your bike to add flair to your bike in order to decorate it exactly how you want to.

What are decals and stickers for a motorcycle?

A decal or sticker is a graphic that adheres to the body of your motorcycle. These are available in the Honda name in three-dimensional form, the model name of your bike, or in patterns and graphics that can add an artistic element to the motorcycles design.

What types of decals or stickers are there?

There are a multitude of different decals and stickers made for Honda motorcycles. Here are some examples of what you can find:

  • Three-dimensional nameplate: The Honda name or logo or the model name of your bike in a molded three-dimensional plate that can be adhered to the body. These can be made of metal, chrome, or plastic, and are available in both rigid and flexible forms. The rigid decals will only adhere to a flat surface but are generally made of sturdy materials such as chrome or steel. Flexible decals are made of a moldable plastic that will hug the curves of any part of the motorcycle.
  • Flames or stripes: Stickers or decals of flames or racing stripes that add a flashy pattern. These are usually universal and can be placed on any model of Honda and trimmed to fit perfectly.
  • Custom graphics: Graphic stickers or decals that are made specifically for the body of your model of Honda motorcycle. These could be skulls that cover the rear wheel cover or a dragon that wraps around the gas tank. You can even find graphics with the name and logo of your favorite racing team to show your support or affiliation.
  • Self adhering: Stickers and decals which already have glue applied to the back of them. These are generally lightweight, like thin vinyl or flexible plastic stickers that dont have as much danger of falling off of the bike. You can simply peel off the protective backing and apply them where youd like. Some vinyl decals are even movable and will adhere with no glue at all.
  • Heavy decals: For heavier decals, such as the three-dimensional molded plates, glue will be necessary to adhere them to the motorcycle. Its advisable to use a good quality automotive adhesive to stick them into place and keep them there.
What is needed to prepare the motorcycle for application?

Youll want to make sure that the area of the motorcycle that the decal or sticker will be applied to is completely clean and free of debris. You can use an alcohol wipe to clean the area and make sure there is no dirt on the surface. Youll also want to make sure to keep the adhesive surface of the decal or sticker free from any dirt or foreign elements until it is adhered.