Home Theater Projectors

Wireless Home Theater Projectors to Put Your Media on the Big Screen

If you want to recreate the ambiance of a movie theater in your home, you might want to consider a wireless projector. These projectors come in many shapes and sizes, and youll need to learn more about these incredible devices if you want to make a decision that you can stick with. eBay offers you options so read on and discover the features they come with.

What types of wireless projectors are there?

The available projectors in this collection can largely be separated into the following three basic groups:

  • Flat projectors: These types of projectors look the most like the types of projectors that you may have seen on the market 10 years ago. They are wide, flat, and rectangular, and these projectors are usually supported on four adjustable legs that allow you to change the angle of the projected image. In some cases, these types of projectors can create higher resolution images than some more innovative projector types.
  • Pocket projectors: Pocket projectors might not be small enough to actually fit in your pocket, but they are much more compact than traditional flat projectors. The main draw of these types of projectors is that they can be placed directly on your coffee table or in another area thats close to your screen. This makes them unlike other types of projectors that you may have to mount on the ceiling or behind your couch. In some cases, these types of projectors are capable of producing the same image resolution as traditional flat projectors.
  • Portable projectors: Some projectors actually are small enough to fit in your pocket. While these projectors are mainly used for travel, you can also set them up in your home theater.
How do wireless projectors connect to devices?

Most of these wireless projectors can connect to your media devices with a couple of different wireless connection options. For instance, many projectors can connect to your Wi-Fi network but others can only connect via Bluetooth. To learn how to connect your projector, follow the manufacturers instructions for your specific model.

How do you pick the right wireless projector?

The first step is to find a projector that is compatible with your media devices. Part of this determination has to do with resolution. If your device can produce 4K or 8K video, then youll want to get a projector that can produce the same resolution. You may want to get a specific size to suit your convenience, but make sure its compatible with your media device so you dont waste your time and money.