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Make Your Sneakers Fashionable With Hogan Women's Shoes

Hogan Women's Shoes

Although most people purchase sneakers for their functionality, the Hogan brand designs footwear that is meant to be fashionable while including some athletic function. The company started with a sporty sneaker in 1986, but it has since branched out into all kinds of stylish shoes that women can pair with any outfit. You can check out different types of leather trainers for women to find the model that suits your taste or fashion needs.

What kinds of materials do Hogan women's shoes use?

The Hogan name has expanded over the past several decades. However, the company remains dedicated to the core aspects of its founder's business model. Here are just a few of the more common materials you can find in many Hogan shoes for women:

  • Leather Hogan's women's leather sneakers feature materials sourced directly from the Italian countryside. You can find leather trainers for women in a range of sizes, styles, or patterns to suit any need or look.
Hogan Women's Pink Shoes
  • Suede If you want something that is similar to leather but with a slightly smoother texture, you might go for suede women's sneakers. The experienced craftsmen at Hogan create a material that is much softer than traditional leather. Suede has a brushed feel to it and tends to be more delicate than traditional leather.
  • Mesh In some cases, Hogan may add uppers that are similar to the mesh that you can find on many kinds of athletic shoes for women. These designs can mirror the look of casual chic sneakers for women, but they still contain the Italian quality you'd expect from the Hogan brand.

How did Hogan get its start?

Hogan is known around the globe today, but it is an entirely Italian brand at its core. The company began as a small business in 1920. Over the next few decades, founder Filippo Della Valle started down the path to success by producing his high-quality shoes for department stores in the United States. Although the company focused on shoes for men at first, the Attractive line opened up the market with casual chic sneakers designed to appeal to the stylistic choices women make for their outfits. Since branching out, Hogan has crafted styles that include regular and platform sneakers for women in various materials and patterns.

Hogan Women's White Shoes

How do you choose different styles of Hogan women's shoes?

Hogan knows that different shoe styles are appropriate for various occasions or levels of comfort. The brand offers a complete line of shoes for women that you can add to your collection. Here are a few of their primary styles of footwear:

  • Standard sneakers If you're looking for typical women's leather sneakers that have the lines of a classic athletic model, Hogan has many options to offer. Their casual-chic sneakers come in different sizes and colorways to suit your preferences. Most will feature laces for tightening, but you may find a few models that include zippers as well.
  • Platforms Should you want something that stands taller or covers more area above the ankle, you can check out platform sneakers for women. These types of shoes typically feature a wider, chunkier heel that helps the main body of the footwear seem taller. You can get the height effect you might want in a shoe that resembles the classic women's leather sneakers or boots.
  • Formal Even though many of Hogan's offerings are leather trainers for women, some of their models can double as formal or semiformal shoes for business occasions. Many of the suede women's sneakers feature neutral black or gray colors. The standard leather shoes for women create a clean, appropriate look at any office.
Hogan Women's Black/White Shoes

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