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Hobo International Women's Handbags and Purses

Hobo International women’s handbags and purses utilize a variety of different materials and colors. Most bags are styled with an unstructured design. The various structured and unstructured models provide lots of aesthetic and practical options.

What are some signature features of Hobo International handbags?

Hobo International is known for one-strap shoulder bags. A hobo bag is a style of purse that has a single strap uniting both ends of the bag. Hobo International makes bags that feature single straps or straps that can convert from single to double. They also have items with both a top handle and a strap.

  • Some styles are structured, meaning that the body of the bag is defined and angular in shape.
  • Others are slouchy, meaning that they are relatively shapeless until items are placed inside them. Most styles are made from different shades of smooth leather with metallic embellishments.
What are some Hobo structured styles?

Hobo International makes over 20 different styles of handbags. These are a few examples of the structured styles.

  • The Seeker is a structured, top-handle bag with exterior zip pockets. It comes in five different colors in the brand's Vintage Hide, which is a type of leather designed to age to a vintage-like finish. The Seeker has patterned, contrasting lining with open and zip pockets.
  • The Maryanna is a work tote-style. A double top handle is paired with fringe that decorates the sides of the bag. An outer pocket is open. Lining is crafted in a contrasting pattern and includes multiple types and sizes of compartments and pockets.
  • The Friar is a shoulder bag in a rectangular silhouette reminiscent of a briefcase. Zip pockets on the outside can hold essentials, while a slip pocket on the back side is designed for a cellphone. The inside features the same characteristic patterned lining with a variety of places for essentials and supplies.
What are some available slouchy styles?
  • The Marley is a hobo bag silhouette that slouches over the shoulder. A wide strap fastens to the body of the bag with buckles. A zipper down the front provides an extra place for storage. The signature patterned interior leaves room for supplies inside the bag.
  • The Nomad is a two-sided hobo purse with a shorter, thicker strap that broadens into the bag itself. A snap closure and leather detailing across the bottom of the bag complement the fringe on top.
What materials are used to craft Hobo International women’s handbags?

Hobo International handbags and purses use leather from several types of hides, called vintage, heritage, suede, and velvet. The bags come in both bold and neutral hues. The unique characteristics of the material show up over time so that coloring varies slightly.