Hit-and-Miss Stationary Engines for Collectors and Industrial Use

Browse eBay listings for collectible stationary industrial motors and hit-and-miss engines. You can find ones that still work using your preferred fuel, and use them as a main or backup power source. You might also buy them for their antique value or for parts to repair an engine you own.

What is an industrial stationary engine?

Its a motor that usually runs pumps, generators, mills, steam engines, or turbines. Equipment powered by a stationary engine usually is the type that stays in one place. Factories would use them when generating their own power before most buildings had electricity installed. Antique engines that are operable may still have industrial applications; many are displayed in museums for show.

What is a hit-and-miss engine?

These engines may be portable or stationary. They power industrial machines as well as rural generators, farm equipment, saws, cement mixers, and more. This kind of motor was named according to how it "hits" (also known as "fires") when operating below a preset speed and "misses" if running above a preset speed. Many used hit-and-miss engines have become antiques for collections. However, some could still provide operative power.

How are stationary or hit-and-miss engines powered?

Vintage ones that still work may operate using one of these types of power:

  • Diesel ? If you can find one that runs on this type of fuel, it may use 20% less energy than a gas one. Diesel can help a machine accelerate at an increased rate.
  • Gas ? This is a common power source. Some types of gas engines may operate cleaner than diesel.
  • Steam ? You might notice some tractors listed on eBay that have steam-engine components. They often operate on gas along with the steam power.
What other uses might these engines have?

These types of engines could provide power to someone who lives in an RV or motor home year-round. In addition, campgrounds use them to run pumps. In some cases, people can even set up solar charging stations to use with them. eBay offers a varied selection of these engines, both original and restored, as well as parts you might need if you plan to operate one.