Faros Para Lexus GX470

Lexus GX470 Headlights

Illuminate dark roads and low visibility with a pair of durable bright headlights for your Lexus GX 470. Headlights provide a front end facelift to your vehicle and let you communicate with other motorists and pedestrians when you are driving. Here are five questions and answers about this indispensable component of your midsize SUV.

How do LED headlight kits work for the Lexus GX470?

An LED headlight kit lets you use LED bulbs in a Lexus headlight assembly designed for halogen. The kit combines LED technology with whatever halogen bulb size corresponds to your Lexus GX 470. Many LED Lexus headlight kits entail an LED bulb that emits both high and low beams, eliminating the need for two bulbs per assembly.

LED bulbs are also known for their efficiency and economy, emitting an abundance of light per watt.

What other bulbs can you select for your Lexus?

On luxury vehicles like the BMW GX470, halogen is fairly standard for low beams. Xenon and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) are most common for high beams. Xenon products contain a small quartz tube inside a glass bulb. The quartz tube contains xenon surrounding dual tungsten electrodes. The xenon gas helps create an electrical spark that arcs between the electrodes, creating light.

HID produces light in very much the same way: only HID bulbs may contain xenon or mercury vapors, and the electrodes are closer together.

How do you gauge brightness levels on headlight bulbs?

Each bulb type compatible with your Lexus boasts an array of brightness levels measured in lumens. A lumen is a measure of emitted light per second. More lumens means brighter light, which comes in handy during early morning commutes and drives during bad weather.

There are no standard recommendations for optimal headlight bulb lumen amounts. Available amounts range from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands of lumens per bulb. Consider the conditions in which you drive most frequently, your needs, and your desires, and choose the lumen level that fulfills these requirements.

Which color temperature is suitable for the Lexus GX470?

Color temperatures indicate the color of an emitted light based on its thermodynamic temperature. The unit of measurement is called "Kelvin," usually abbreviated as "K". Headlight color temperatures range from 4500K to 10000K, with 5000K to 8000K being average.

Lights with lower color temperatures are more amber and golden. As a lights color temperature goes up, its color changes from gold to white, then to bluish-crystal. Xenon and HID are on the bright bluish side, which some Lexus drivers prefer. Ultimately, color temperature is a matter of personal choice.

Can you purchase just the headlight assembly for your Lexus?

If you already have headlight bulbs, you may purchase just the headlight assembly for your Lexus GX 470. Assemblies consist of the housing and do not come with bulbs. They are available in sets or as single assemblies for either side of your Lexus GX 470. Private labels, aftermarket brands, and original equipment manufacturers produce assemblies designed for specific Lexus GX 470 years, trims, and optional packages, such as the Sport package. Tinting is rare but obtainable, such as smoke or green-tinted headlight assemblies.