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Kia Spectra Headlights

Drive confidently on dark roads or during bad weather with headlights for your Kia Spectra. Kia Spectra headlights let you communicate with other drivers and pedestrians, ensuring safety on the road.

What type of bulb fits headlights for your Kia model?

This information is typically located in your vehicles owners manual. However, halogen is still the industry standard. Halogen is an incandescent bulb whose tungsten filament glows and melts when electricity courses through it. The halogen redeposits the melted tungsten back onto the filament, prolonging the bulbs life. You may switch to another bulb type using a conversion kit. With a conversion kit, your halogen headlight assembly accepts a different bulb type that has a similar base.

What other types of Kia Spectra bulbs are there?

Bulb types come and go seasonally, but some perennial favorites, including:

  • Cold-cathode fluorescent light: Emits light when ionized gas inside the bulb causes a phosphor coating to glow.
  • Light-emitting diode: When electrons and electron holes recombine after electricity comes into contact with a two-lead semiconductor, LED produces light.
  • Xenon: A bulb containing xenon gas and two tungsten electrodes creates a spark that jumps or arcs between the electrodes.
  • High-intensity discharge or HID: Works like a xenon bulb, but it may contain mercury vapors instead of xenon and the electrodes are closer together.
What bulb size fits the Kia Spectra?

The appropriate size depends on your models year. The Kia Spectra accepts a wide range of car headlight sizes. Some years accept the same size for a high and low beam, whereas other years have a separate size for a high and low beam. Check your owners manual or a Kia car light bulb size guide. Some product titles and descriptions also indicate the compatible year.

Should you get a higher wattage for more brightness?

Wattage indicates the amount of power a bulb consumes. For brightness, go with lumens. Lumens are the measure of emitted light per second. Kia headlights are available in a spectrum of brightness levels, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of lumens per bulb. While there are no hard and fast rules about lumen levels for Kia headlights, higher lumens are acceptable for your high beams, or you may prefer higher lumens just because you have smoked housing whose tinting takes some of the edges off extremely bright bulbs, such as xenon and HID.

What are 6000K Kia headlights?

The "K" stands for Kelvin, a unit of thermodynamic measurement. The number indicates a specific color temperature or 6000 Kelvin, in the example. Every lights heat signature corresponds to a color. Color temperature describes the actual complexion of a headlight without your having to see it in person.

Headlight color temperatures range from 4500K to 10000K, with 6000K to 8000K being average. Low color temperature lights on a vehicle are pale yellow, amber, soft, and golden. Medium color temperature lights are bright white like daylight. As the color temperatures go up, the light becomes whiter, more crystalline to bluish. Color temperature does not connote brightness, only hue and undertones.