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Kia Rio Headlights

Equip your Kia Rio for everyday commuting and weekend adventures with a pair of sturdy, bright headlights. Swap out your high beams or give your headlights an entirely new look. These five questions and answers can help you choose Kia Rio headlights.

Can you use LED with the Kia Rio headlights?

You can use LED with the Kia Rio if you purchase the appropriate conversion kit. To find the appropriate conversion kit, you must know your Kia Rios existing bulb size, which is usually located in your owners manual. The bulb size changes from year to year and is also different between body styles.

Does the Kia headlamp bulb size affect brightness?

Bulb sizes do not indicate brightness. Bulb sizes, such as the H4, H7, and h21, which are commonly used in the Rio as well as other sedans and hatchbacks, do, however, have differently shaped bases. All headlamp bulbs are nominal power bulbs designated for auto use, but you must plug the correct bulb into a compatible socket in order for it to work properly.

Other differences include single- and dual-filament. H4, for example, is a dual-filament bulb that casts both high and low beams as needed. LED versions identified as H4 can plug into an H4 socket, but they still produce light like LED, yielding high and low beams delivering a specific amount of lumens per watt.

How do you find the brightest Kia Rio headlamp bulb?

Lumens are the unit of measurement denoting emitted light per second. The higher the lumens, the brighter the headlight. There are no manufacturers recommendations or industry standards for the number of lumens your Kia sedan or hatchback headlamp bulbs should possess. Headlamp lumens range from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands per bulb.

Brightness comes down to personal taste and needs. Its a given that your high beams should be bright, but you may prefer higher lumen levels if you tend to commute regularly in low-light conditions, if you live in a cold weather climate, or if you generally prefer brighter illumination when driving.

What if you dont have your owners manual?

Most descriptions of Kia aftermarket headlamps include bulb size guides and other information to help you gauge compatibility. The other information may include trim levels, the model year, engine, and engine displacement such as 1.6-liter. Some descriptions also identify if the advertised headlamp assembly is sealed or composite.

Sealed refers to a one-piece product that withstands immersion in water, whereas composite has detachable pieces you can replace as needed.

What is an IP68 headlamp?

IP68 is one of several international protection markings. It corresponds to a degree of protection from dust and water ingression. The "6" means resistance to dust, dirt, and sand. The "8" means that the product works when exposed to watery conditions or submerged up to certain levels. This marking assures that each headlamp continues working despite the worst weather conditions. Most headlamps fall into the categories of IP67 or IP68.