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Kia Forte Headlights

Your vehicle affords you all the pleasures of a well-made vehicle including a solid ride, advanced safety features, and bold styling. When youre enjoying these features at night, though, the most important feature of your Kia Forte is the headlights. Thats why ensuring your Fortes headlights are always operating efficiently is crucial to a safe, enjoyable drive at night.

How do you maintain Kia Forte sedans headlights?

Maintaining the headlights on your Kia goes beyond simply replacing the headlight bulb when it burns out, though this is highly important, of course. Regular headlight maintenance will ensure you always have the brightest, most focused light available when youre driving in the dark.

  • Restore the headlight lenses: Your Kias headlight lenses may, over time, become cloudy due to microscopic scratches on the surface of the lens. Removing these scratches is important to ensure the light from your headlights is always focused and not diffused, so you can see as far down the road as possible.
  • Replace both bulbs: When one bulb burns out in your Kias headlights, it can be easy to just quickly replace the bulb thats burned out and then move on to something else. However, since both bulbs are always on at the same time, its important to replace both bulbs to provide the same level of brightness, and ensure the other one doesnt burn out sooner because of the different load on the electrical system.
  • Always check for debris: Before heading out on a trip in your Kia, its important to always check your headlights for any precipitation or debris that might impede the light output. Even in the daytime, headlights can help make you more visible to other drivers, so this is something you need to do every time. Whether it is snow, leaves, ice, or dirt, any type of debris can improperly diffuse and direct the light, leading to unsafe driving conditions.
What bulbs are available for Kia Forte sedans headlights?

Most Kia Fortes come equipped with standard halogen bulbs in the headlights. These bulbs provide good light output and good visibility for you as the driver. Other options include Xenon High Intensity Discharge Bulbs and Light Emitting Diode, or LED bulbs. If you choose to replace your Kia Fortes halogen bulbs with a different type of bulb, keep in mind that you will likely need to install an adapter of some type to be able to handle the different power requirements of the different bulbs. LED bulbs typically come as a kit that includes a small fan to keep the LED diode cool.

How do you replace bulbs on the Kia Fortes headlight?

Replacing the bulb on your Kia Fortes headlight is quite easy, assuming youre just switching a burned-out bulb for a new bulb of the same type.

  1. Pop the hood and unscrew the weather gasket around the headlight.
  2. Turn the bulb at the base until it comes loose.
  3. Remove the bulb, then line up the new bulb and turn it to lock it in place.
  4. Reinstall the weather gasket by turning it until it is screwed in place.