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HP Windows 8.1 PC Laptops & Netbooks Buying Guide

HP has a laptop for almost all computer users, from HP Pro books and notebooks for business users to advanced gaming laptops. Proprietary operating systems can cost a lot of money; however, with HP, you will get a pre-install version of Windows.

You can easily upgrade to newer versions of Windows software on any HP device. Many users who bought their laptops on Windows 7 have now moved up to Windows 8.

How do I choose the right laptop?

The right kind of laptop depends on how you plan to use it. Most users fall into three main categories;

  • Light users: This group mainly use their laptops for browsing websites and social networks, communicating on email, and maybe storing their documents and photos. A basic HP laptop using the Windows operating system and low processing power will do just fine.
  • Moderate users: Laptops for moderate users have slightly advanced features than those of light users. Processors used on these laptops should allow users to concurrently stream audio and video as they work on other tasks like spreadsheets.
  • Heavy users: Also called pro users, this group demands a laptop with high processing power, high storage volume and ability to handle complex graphics software. Computer programmers, game developers, and graphic designers fit into this group.

What features should I look for in a laptop?

  • Operating system - The operating system runs all the software programs on your computer. Examples of common operating systems include the Mac OS, Windows 8, and Chrome OS. Most HP laptops come preinstalled with Windows 8 or Windows 10.
  • Screen type - Before touchscreens came about, everything about this specification revolved around the screen size and resolution. Most screen sizes range between 12 inches and 17 inches. A bigger screen also means that you are getting a bigger laptop. Screen resolution affects the picture quality. Heavy users should go for high-screen resolution laptops like the HP Elitebook X360 G2.
  • Processor - Unless you fall into the light group of users, always go for high processing speeds when choosing a laptop. Processor chips vary in terms of power and speed. Intel and AMD dominate the computer processor chips market. The Intel Celeron chip is a low-power processor that pretty much serves basic computer users. The Intel Core i7 is an 8th generation processor that is popular with heavy laptop users.
  • RAM - The random access memory helps with multi-tasking. Your computer can process and do more with 8 GB of RAM versus what 2 GB can do. The good thing is that you can always upgrade your computer's memory.
  • Internal storage - Those who like to store everything on their computer will need a high storage capacity. When checking storage you will come across terms like HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD (solid state drive). SSD has less capacity but is lighter and faster. The HP Pavilion X360 uses SSD memory.
  • Battery life - Devices with higher specifications will drain your battery a lot. Try to pick a battery that can last for long hours.

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