Calcomanías para automóviles y camiones gráfico y vinilo

Car and Truck Graphics Decals

When vehicle owners are looking to add a little extra flair to the exterior appearance of their car or truck, an easy, stylish, and eye-catching way of doing it is with the application of vinyl decal graphics. Vinyl decal graphics can come with decals of various interests or graphics, as images or labels of your vehicle make and model, and as stickers in some cases. Decal graphics are quick and easy to apply, and those made with vinyl are easily cleanable and very durable.

Are there decal graphics for all car makes?

There is a wide variety of vinyl decal graphics for all makes of cars and trucks, including vinyl stickers and stripes specifically designed to give a unique look to your truck or car. A few of the many areas these vinyl decal graphics can be spotted include upper pinstripes along the entire length of both sides of the truck; side graphics on the rear bed; the truck tailgate; across bumpers and the hood; on rocker panels; and on rear windows, windshields, doors, or side windows.

Are there durable, easy-to-apply vinyl decal graphics available?

Some companies feature a vinyl decal with air pocket release backing, which provides bubble-free application using air release channels. This kind of decal graphic is designed for both car and truck, and it’s very pliable, enabling it to be stretched, re-positioned, and re-fitted during installation. Stripes, stickers, and other forms of these graphics are UV and stain resistant and completely waterproof, which makes them extremely durable.

How long do decals last?

Like most other products, the longevity of these decals depends greatly on the materials used in the graphic, what environmental conditions your car or truck is exposed to, and how well the manufacturer’s instructions were followed for installation. Generally speaking, however, you can expect car and truck graphic applications to last in the neighborhood of 5 to 7 years.

Can vinyl graphics go through a car wash?

Yes, a graphic made of vinyl, including those used in the rear window, are safe to take through a car wash. You can also hand wash these decals. Only soap and water should be used (no harsh chemicals), and no high-pressure washing should be done. Wait at least 24 hours after application before washing the vehicle.

Are these vinyl decals hard to remove?

They are typically not too difficult to remove. The decal needs to be heated a bit (a heat gun or hairdryer works well for this). Then follow these instructions:

  1. Heat the surface of the decal (but be sure not to get it too hot, as this will “cook” the decal to the surface, making removal much more difficult).
  2. Peel up a corner with a fingernail or scraper designed for this process.
  3. Continue to slowly and carefully pull up and work your way across the application.