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Globe Athletic Shoes for Men

As a mens shoe manufacturer, Globe offers designs for different functions and purposes. The brand has mens styles ranging from lightweight low-top sneakers to shoes designed specifically for a particular sport. The following questions and answers will help you learn more about Globe athletic shoes for men.

What types of mens athletic shoes does Globe make?
  • Low-top shoes: Globe offers low-top sneakers that feature footbeds, durable soles, and reinforced uppers. They are made for many types of activities, including skate shoes for skaters.
  • Mid-top shoes: Globes mid-top shoes have the same skate features as the low-top options combined with added ankle support. They are available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, and white, among others.
  • Pro shoes: The Pro Globe shoes are another option in the brands collection. The features of these shoes include Strobel construction and sculpted outsoles.
  • Boots: Globe also makes boots that are designed for the outdoors. Some of these options are developed with lightweight uppers.
What features do Globe athletic shoes for men have?
  • Nitrolite shockbed: Many of Globes mens shoes have Nitrolite shockbeds, which are lightweight but built to provide shock control.
  • Super V vulcanized comfort: Globe shoes come with vulcanized insoles, which is a type of cushioning that can support the wearers foot. They tuck in around the arches, have additional material in the toe and heel, and have a forefoot width.
  • S-Trac lug: The soles have an S-Trac lug pattern. These traction lugs aid in shock absorption and energy transfer in addition to offering flexibility.
  • Inner sock construction: Some of Globes athletic shoes for men have inner sock construction, which can aid in the comfort of the wearer by offering support to areas such as the ankles. Additionally, the integrated tongue and collar design help with the fit as does the Lycra lining.
  • Step-in ease: With this feature, Globe offers wearers collars that aid in slipping on their shoes.
  • Hikari Infinity sole: Some of Globes athletic shoes for men have the Hikari Infinity sole, which offers blended sole/upper construction. Due to the Phylon midsole, shoes with this technology feature extra cushioning.
What sizes of mens shoes are available from Globe?

Globe offers mens shoes in U.S. sizes ranging from 4 to 15. Additionally, half sizes are available from sizes 4 to 12.

What colors do Globe athletic shoes come in?

Globe athletic shoes for men are available in an array of colors, including:

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Gray
  • White
  • Tan
  • Olive
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