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Fuel Tanks for Chevrolet Astro

Fuel tanks for Chevrolet Astro play an important role in the fuel system. When you need to select a replacement for your van, there are many options from a variety of manufacturers.

What are some tips for selecting a fuel tank?

Selecting a fuel tank for your Astro can be overwhelming with the different options to choose from. Following these guidelines can be helpful when making a selection.

  • Select a fuel tank that is the same capacity as your existing tank: To get these specifications, you may need to use the make, model, and year of your vehicle. In some cases, you may also want to know the production date, because in some instances the manufacturer will change the parts used in a model in the middle of the production year.
  • Select a style: You can choose from different materials and designs that are compatible with your vehicle.
  • Select a brand: You can choose from direct factory replacements or third-party fuel tanks of different sizes.
What is a fuel sending unit?

The fuel sending unit in your fuel tank consists of a rod, floater, and other components. The fuel sending unit monitors the fuel levels in your Astro and sends the information to the computer. When replacing a fuel tank for your Chevrolet, you may also want to select a replacement fuel sending unit if the tank doesn’t include one.

What materials are Chevrolet Astro fuel tanks made of?

Tanks can come in a variety of materials that have different advantages. When selecting a fuel tank for your Chevrolet, understanding the material options can help in the selection process.

  • Metal gas tanks are durable and made of steel to withstand higher temperatures, which can be an additional safety feature. There are also galvanized steel options that have a special coating to help with corrosion.
  • Plastic gas tanks are typically made of polyethylene. The construction allows for flexibility in the design and the tanks can be customized to fit into a variety of shapes and sizes. They are typically lightweight, and since there is no metal used, the tanks can’t corrode over time.
What companies manufacture replacement fuel tanks for your Chevrolet Astro?

When you need to make a fuel tank selection for your Chevrolet, you can choose from a variety of manufacturers. If you prefer to choose from Original Equipment Manufacturer companies, you will want to select from fuel tanks made by General Motors, ACDelco, and Chevrolet. Dorman, Gates, Motorad, and other companies also produce a variety of aftermarket fuel tanks that are compatible with your Astro. When selecting a replacement component from an aftermarket company, you may need to make adjustments so that the part fits properly. There are also several unbranded options that you can choose from.