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Fox Racing Motorcycle Helmets

Fox Racing motorcycle helmets are designed to protect riders taking part in motocross racing. These helmets feature advanced technology and design to ensure that your head is well protected from falls and debris encountered around the track or when participating in competitive trail riding.

What are the differences in the shapes of racing helmets?

Offering different shapes of racing helmets ensures the proper fit for your head. Fox Racing helmets are available in three different shape options.

  • Round oval-shaped helmets fit heads which have similar measurements from side to side as they do front to back.
  • Intermediate oval-shaped helmets are more common. These helmets are designed for heads which are minimally longer from front to back than from side to side.
  • Long oval-shaped helmets are designed for heads that are significantly longer from front to back than from side to side.
How do you properly size a racing helmet?

Ensuring that a helmet fits properly impacts the level of safety that you have while riding any type of motorcycle. Following these steps will help in determining which size helmet you need for motocross racing. Using a tailors measuring tape, wrap the measuring tape around the head at the fullest point. Ensure that the measuring tape meets at the front of the forehead for accurate readings. If trying to determine your own helmet size, ask someone else to get the reading for you. Using the measurement that is taken, select a helmet according to the following Fox Motocross Racing Helmet sizing chart.

  • Adult X-Small: Fits 20.87 inches to 21.26 inches
  • Adult Small: Fits 21.65 inches to 22.05 inches
  • Adult Medium: Fits 22.44 inches to 22.83 inches
  • Adult Large: Fits 23.23 inches to 23.62 inches
  • Adult X-Large: Fits 24.02 inches to 24.41 inches
What does MIPS technology mean?

MIPS technology, better known as multi-directional impact protection system, is a design used in creating Fox V1 motocross racing and mountain bike helmets. This design features a slip-plane technology built into the helmet itself that reduces rotational forces caused by most types of impacts.

What are the features of the Fox V1 racing helmets?

The Fox V1 motorcycle racing helmets are designed for the beginning rider. The injected molded-polycarbonate shell protects the head against falls and thrown debris. These helmets feature the following:

  • Lightweight design for comfortable wear
  • Ventilated design that allows for air to flow in and out of the helmet to prevent overheating
  • Variety of fits to accommodate different head shapes and sizes
  • Carries both ECE22.05 and DOT certifications, exceeding regulations
What are the different sizes of Fox youth racing helmets?

There are two types of Fox youth racing helmets. These include the V1 and V3 styles. Both carry the same sizes.

  • Youth Small: Fits 18 ½ inches to 19 inches
  • Youth Medium: Fits 19 ½ inches to 19 ¾ inches
  • Youth Large: Fits 20 inches to 20 ½ inches