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Ford Car & Truck Automatic Transmissions & Parts

Ford Car and Truck Automatic Transmission Parts

Your car or truck uses one of two possible transmission types, depending on the model and options you chose when purchasing the car. In an automatic transmission, the system itself detects your vehicle’s speed and adjusts fluid pumping to match how much power is necessary. Over time, the parts of your Ford car or truck that are involved in this automatic detection process can wear due to the continued use at high speeds and power levels.

What parts are there in a Ford automatic transmission system?

Ford truck engines have unique automatic transmissions paired with them depending on how much power they can output, so youll need to check exactly how many speeds your automatic has and what gear it can get to before purchasing new parts. However, there are general parts and terminology that apply to all Ford automatics.

  • Planetary gear sets: These are the sets and overall mechanical designs that provide the correct ratios for moving your car forward and backward at varying rates.
  • Hydraulic system: This is a complex setup that sends transmission fluids through a labyrinth of tubing in order to properly control and shift the planetary set.
  • Computer: This is a highly specialized hardware and software setup that orders the system to pump fluid in different paths within the hydraulic system. If this isnt working correctly or if it’s poorly programmed, the cars entire system will not run.
  • Torque converter: This part acts similarly to a clutch in a manual transmission, letting the car idle at a standstill without turning the car off.
  • Gaskets and assorted sealing parts: Often overlooked, the sealing parts and gaskets are absolutely imperative to keep the system working correctly. If the hydraulic system is not properly secured, you may leak fluid and subsequently lose all of your trucks transmission function.
How do you identify your Fords automatic transmission?

In order to find the correct parts for your Ford, it is necessary to properly identify the truck or cars transmission. There are some easy steps you can follow in order to do this, which are listed here:

  • Find the model and year: Quickly check and double-check the exact model of your vehicle as well as the year it was produced. Some Ford vehicles have multiple generations over the years of production, so youll need both pieces of information for this.
  • Find the type of engine in your car: Setups will generally increase in gear number with higher engine cylinder count.
  • Consult the cars manual: If you cant identify the type of transmission from these pieces of information, your user manual that came with the car at your purchase will tell you exactly what type of transmission the car has. It is useful to locate and read the manual even if you have found the type because different trim packages on the same model may have variations in setups.