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Acura TSX Floor Mats and Carpets

The Acura TSX is a mid-sized luxury sedan in production from model years 2004 to 2014. Replacing or upgrading your Acura TSX floor mats can help you keep your vehicle in top shape and protect against damage from the elements. Choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and materials to select floor mats and carpets for your Acura TSX.

What options are available for Acura TSX carpets?

Carpets can be found for these vehicles in two main styles. You can replace or upgrade carpets that are built-in as a part of the cars interior design. You can choose from original colors that were standard options for the car or with something different. You can also choose carpeted floor mats if you prefer.

What materials are Acura TSX floor mats available in?

Interior floor mats which fit the Acura TSX are available in a number of durable and weather-resistant fabrics and materials. Choose from a long-wearing carpet in a loop or plush style or heavy-duty all-weather rubber. Many colors are available, from neutral black, gray, or tan to colors designed to match your interior. Carpet may also be treated to be stain resistant or water repellant.

What are Universal and Custom Fit TSX mats?
  • Universal floor mats are designed to fit any vehicle; they are typically available in two to four sizes to ensure the closest fit possible. Universal floor mats provide coverage for most areas of the floor but may leave small areas of the floor exposed. Some universal-fit mats feature pre-stamped cut lines on the rubber to help you obtain better coverage or accommodate optional features like gearboxes.
  • Custom mats for the Acura TSX are specifically designed to cover every square inch of your cars floor, so they offer a good level of protection.
  • A third option is semi-custom mats. This option allows you to order mats by inputting your vehicles year, make, and model, and the company will provide a mat that at least comes close to a custom-fit mat. Some of the cutting has already been done for you; if you need to cut more of the mat, it is usually a minimal amount.
Are OEM and aftermarket Acura TSX floor mats the same?

OEM is an acronym that stands for original equipment manufacturer, which is Acura or one of its subsidiaries. OEM floor mats were originally installed at the factory; because of this, the options you will have are limited to what was originally available for the Acura TSX. Aftermarket floor mats are manufactured by a number of independent companies and have a host of styles, colors, materials, and features from which to choose.

Should you buy a full set of Acura TSX floor mats?

Full sets of Acura TSX floor mats are available, but you may also be able to purchase floor mats for just the front or rear areas or a single replacement mat. In addition, liners and floor mats are available for the cargo area of the vehicle in both carpet and waterproof materials. Be sure to thoroughly read the details to ensure you are getting the number of floor mats you need.