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Face Makeup Products

Cosmetics can heighten your beauty and draw attention to your facial features. Makeup for the face includes foundation, powder, blush, concealer, and more. Products are frequently made with health benefits as well, such as SPF and blemish-prone options.

What are common face makeup products?

The following products provide a complete makeup regimen for your face alone. Complete your look with eye and lip makeup to accentuate these features, including eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, and lipstick.

  • Foundation: This is used to create a smooth and uniform appearance for the entire face. Foundation can be found in liquid, cream, and powder options.
  • Concealer: Achieve an even complexion by covering problem discolorations or blemishes using concealer.
  • Powder: Use this to get matte looks or to rid yourself of spots on the face you feel are too shiny. Varieties like loose powder, cream-to-powder, and pressed-powder are available.
  • Blush: Give yourself an extra flush of color on your cheek apples to appear vibrant.
  • Highlighters and bronzers: These are meant to brighten or warm the skin tone by one or more shades with full coverage or to highlight and emphasize facial features of your choice.
  • Primers: These are applied prior to makeup to provide a smoother and longer-lasting makeup application. There are several types made for the face, eyes, and lips.
What face makeup is right for you?

Choosing makeup that fits you is based on the look you want for yourself whether you want to use vivid colors or to achieve a natural look. Some people may feel one or two products is adequate while others feel using the full range of products is to their liking.

  • Effect: The final effect can range from sheer to full coverage with matte, shimmer, glitter, and satin options.
  • Skin tone: Determine your tone from oily, combination, blemish-prone, sensitive, dry, mature, or normal skin.
  • Shade: From fair to dark, your coloring will change throughout the changing seasons. Determining if your face has natural hues of gold, brown, pink, or yellow will help narrow your selection.
  • Features: Choose products with features that matter to you from all-natural, cruelty-free, UV protection, and hypoallergenic products.
What are the steps to putting on makeup?

Follow these steps for your makeup application, skipping those with products that do not apply to your regimen.

  • Apply primer to the areas you intend to cover in makeup.
  • Apply foundation to the entire face, blending in the color along the jaw, neck, and hairline to avoid visible transitions.
  • Apply concealer to any spots, blemishes, or discolorations for a uniform finish.
  • Apply powder to achieve a smooth matte finish.
  • Apply blush directly under the cheek bones with outward brush strokes toward the hairline.
  • Apply any bronzer or highlighter to add tint and contouring to areas you want to emphasize or brighten.
  • Apply the eyeshadow, eyeliner, and then mascara.
  • Apply your lip liner and then lipstick.