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Nissan Armada Racks

For those who need a sports utility vehicle or SUV that can move many people and their gear, a versatile roof rack is a necessity. Fortunately, the designers at Nissan anticipated that need when they created the Armada. If you’re looking for replacement Nissan Armada racks, here are some things to consider.

Why are Nissan roof rack side rails important?

All Armada trims, for every year its been built, have standard roof rack side rails, and they come out of the assembly plant equipped to carry. Roof rails are the underpinnings for any number of rooftop accessories designed to help secure cargo that’s too large to be carried inside your vehicle.

Do Nissan Armadas come with cross rails?

Adjustable roof rack cross rails are an option for all models. You can purchase genuine Nissan-made cross rails or you can choose from a number of OEM-certified aftermarket companies who produce cross bars to Nissan’s specifications. There are also a number of non-certified manufacturers that produce bars that fit Nissan Armada.

Are there Nissan Armada racks for specific gear?

In addition to a wide variety of large-capacity cargo boxes, there are racks available for specific sports gear. Many can lock to secure the gear as well as the roof.

  • There are racks with lift assists that can carry kayaks or canoes up to 36 inches wide.
  • There are racks designed to carry skis and snowboards so that they dont scratch the surface of the roof.
  • There are roof mounted bike racks that can carry road, hybrid, and mountain bikes with a wheelbase of up to 48 inches and a tire width of up to 2.6 inches.
How much weight can an Armada roof rack carry?

Both roofs and roof racks are rated for load weight. If youre using crossbars with a cargo box, you need to subtract their combined weight from the roofs weight rating to determine how much cargo you can carry. For example, Armada roofs can safely carry 220 pounds. If your crossbars and cargo box weigh a combined 30 pounds, you can load the box with 190 pounds of cargo.

As for the vehicle itself, Nissan offers an Armada 4X4 in platinum trim that has a standard 5.6-liter V8 engine paired with an automatic shifter that provides enough power to support a payload capacity of 1,584 pounds. The engine-transmission combo is standard. Theoretically, you could safely carry seven passengers with an average weight of 150 pounds, 300 pounds of stuff in the interior cargo space, and 190 pounds in the cargo box while towing 8,500 pounds while staying within the limits that ensure safe navigation.

Can you replace a broken roof rack side rail?

You can replace a broken Armada with a side rail if you can find a used one that fits. It will have been pulled off an older Nissan that, for whatever reason, is no longer in use.