Exterior Parts for Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Chevy Silverado ranks as a durable pickup truck, but the exterior may experience wear and tear over time. Dont let age and elements undermine your ability to drive the pickup. Purchase the necessary exterior parts from eBay Motors that allow any trim vehicle to look as though it rolled off the showroom floor.

How does a step bumper work on a pickup?

People often enter and exit the bed section of the pickup. Climbing in and out of the pickup becomes less of a hassle when a step bump is attached. Traditional bumpers work to reduce impact when a vehicle suffers from a collision. A step bumper does this job and more. Step bumps provide the means for someone to step onto a unique surface and step into the bed. The surface may come with a particular anti-slip design to curtail falls. These parts also support towing and hitching thanks to drilled hitch holes.

What are Chevy bed rail lights?

The bed of a pickup generally does not come with a manufacturer-installed light setup. Owners have the option to mount an LED light attachment inside the pickup bed. Those who must load, unload, or perform other work on the truck at night or in limited lighting situations can rely on an LED light setup to illuminate things. The light system also presents aesthetic benefits thanks to the lights attractive appearance. Waterproof light systems are available as well.

What is meant by a "tri-fold" tonneau cover?

By its very design, a pickup truck bed does not come with a hood or other type of covering. A tonneau cover serves as an add-on attachment intended to cover the bed. A tri-fold cover comes with three sections with bending hinges. Drivers may open all three hinge sections or just two or one at a time. Once the tonneau cover is in place, closed, and locked, elements such as rain, snow, hail, and others cannot enter the bed. Stealing items from the truck bed becomes difficult as well. Prying eyes cannot peer into the bed either since the tonneau cover presents a vision-blocking barrier.

What is the rivet-mesh grille design?

A grille with a rivet-mesh design looks somewhat like a wire mesh. The rivet construction supports the grilles ability to allow the free flow of air to the radiator. The part may come in two separate mounted pieces. A black powder-coated finish also contributes to enhanced durability.