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Mouldings and Trim for Nissan Pathfinder

Many different styles of moldings and trim are available for the Nissan Pathfinder. A few of these include pillar posts, window trim, fender trim, rocker panels, side body molding, bumper trim, and grille guards. Cleaning your Nissan moldings regularly helps to emphasize them.

What are some features of pillar posts and window trim?

Nissan pillar posts cover the vertical, straight edges of side windows on a Pathfinder. They often provide contrast to the rest of the vehicle and allow observers to appreciate the vehicle’s features. Window trim outlines the rest of the window’s shape, adjacent to the pillar posts. With this kind of trim, the entire window is boldly defined.

What do fender trim, body molding, and rocker panels do?
  • Fender Trim: Fender trim borders the area of the Nissan Pathfinder just above the wheels, and curves with the vehicle to define the curves adequately. Often, fender trim is made from metal finishes or contrasting colors to offset the Pathfinder’s paint job.
  • Side Body Molding: Side body molding borders the Nissan Pathfinder at the point that the body begins to curve downward, midway down the cab. These strips of metal or plastic define the car’s shape and serve as another way to define its silhouette.
  • Rocker Panels: Rocker panels line the bottom side body of the Pathfinder. Rocker panels are typically wide pieces of trim. They are also commonly found in metallic finishes and can add a bit of aesthetic flair to a Nissan.
What do bumper trim and grill guards accomplish?
  • Bumper Trim: Bumper trim surrounds the front bumper of a car in an alternate color or finish. This is to bring attention to the front of the Pathfinder, as the hood houses many important features.
  • Grille Guards: Nissan grille guards serve a very similar purpose. These are creations of metal formed into different types of grates to cover the vent at the front of the Pathfinder. It rests just above the front bumper. Grille guards help to define the front of the Pathfinder as well.
How do you clean Nissan moldings and trim?

Typically, Nissan moldings and trim are cleaned through regular vehicle washes, but they can also be cared for separately.

  • Mix warm water and soap together into a solution. Use a soft sponge to rub it over the Nissan Pathfinder’s trim until dirt and debris are washed away.
  • Rinse these areas with clean water to remove any leftover soap.
  • Finally, dry them with another soft cloth, taking care to avoid scratches.

You may also choose to polish your Nissan Pathfinder’s trim. Apply polish with a soft cloth in a circular pattern, and repeat the process with a second soft cloth to remove any excess. Let the polish dry thoroughly for durable protection.