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Nissan Juke Car Truck Exterior Mouldings and Trim

Your Nissan Juke comes with a set of exterior mouldings and trim that give it a distinctive profile. In the event of an accident, your exterior parts may need to be replaced. You may also wish to upgrade these exterior parts to make your Nissan Juke more stylish and functional.

What is the difference between mouldings and trim?

Mouldings are the basic parts that make up the body of your Nissan, such as the doors, hood, fenders, roof, and bumpers. The mouldings offer protection and structure to your car while also giving it the distinctive style for which the Juke is known.

The exterior trim of your Nissan are all of the extras that may or may not have come standard on your car. This is based on which of the trim levels you chose. These parts can give your car added style, functionality, and protection, and can include items like spoilers, racks, pin striping, and wings. You can also find these parts on the interior of your Juke, with features like Bluetooth, wood paneling, and leather or heated front seats.

What exterior mouldings and trim options are available?

There are a wide variety of parts available for your Nissan Juke in order for you to repair it in the event of damage or a desire to upgrade.

  • LED lighting: You can add colorful LED lighting both inside and outside of your Juke to places like the cupholders. This lighting makes your car fun and functional.
  • License plate frames: Your Juke comes with a standard set of license plate frames, but you may wish to upgrade to a material like carbon fiber for added style.
  • Carbon fiber bumper accents: You can make the front and rear bumper of your Juke more exciting with carbon fiber bumper accents in colors such as white, red, orange, black, purple, electric blue, and matte black.
  • Doors: In the event of damage to one or more of the doors on the moulding to your car, you can replace the door. You can also replace the back cargo space door.
  • Hood: If your hood moulding is damaged, there are a variety of hoods you can choose from to replace it.
  • Bumpers and fenders: You can also replace the moulding bumpers and fenders. You may wish to upgrade your bumper to a more stylish one with a spoiler.
  • Nissan emblem: There is a chrome Nissan emblem on the front and back of your Juke. In the event that yours is lost or damaged, it can be replaced.
  • Headlight rings: Your Nissan Juke comes with standard headlight rings, but you may wish to upgrade yours with fun color accents to complement your cars color and design.