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Nissan Altima Car and Truck Exterior Mouldings andTrim

Nissan Altima exterior moulding comes in a variety of types. Each type serves a slightly different purpose by highlighting various features of the vehicle. Regularly cleaning your moulding helps it to shine.

What types of exterior items are available for Nissan?

Nissan Altima exterior moulding is available in various styles, including pillar posts, window trim, fender moulding, rocker panels, body side moulding, bumper trim, trunk moulding, and deflectors.

  • Deflectors are pieces of plastic several inches wide that curve to match the shape of the window. They are overhangs that prevent wind, rain, bugs, and debris from entering the Nissan Altima and distracting drivers or passengers. Typically, these pieces of plastic are durable and come in hues such as clear, black, and grey. There are different models for deflecting bugs and wind.
  • Bumper and trunk mouldings highlight the front and rear of the Nissan Altima, respectively. Bumper moulding is installed under the Altima’s front grill or vent. It is often a contrasting color to set off the car’s paint job. It also highlights any metallic or chrome features on the front of the vehicle, such as a grille or headlight bezels. Trunk moulding can be used independently or in addition to bumper moulding to serve a similar purpose. It is installed around the trunk to highlight features at the rear of the car and is also typically contrasting in color.
  • Body side moulding sits mid-way down the car’s sides. Often, body moulding is metallic and draws attention to the shape of the vehicle. It runs across doors so that when they open, it flashes in the sun. Rocker panels are installed at the bottom of the Altima, along its sides. This moulding frames the bottom edge of the vehicle and highlights its silhouette. Although it sits below doors, it may also catch the sun for a sparkling effect.
  • Fender moulding sits above the Nissan Altima’s wheel wells to set off wheels and hubcaps. Fender trim is typically metallic but also comes in a variety of matte colors and different thicknesses.
  • Pillar posts and window moulding surround auto glass on the sides of the Nissan Altima. Pillar posts are installed vertically down the middle of the divide between front and rear glass; moulding lines the rest of the glass outline. Often these pieces of moulding are metallic or black plastic to provide more contrast. They are used alone or in conjunction with side body moulding and rocker panels.
What are care tips for exterior moulding?

Mouldings on your sedan can be cleaned by mixing warm water and gentle soap without any extra chemicals or bleach. Create a solution and apply it to the outside of the vehicle until all dirt and debris are gone. Rinse the mouldings with clean water and dry them with a soft, absorbent cloth making sure to avoid scratches.