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Exterior Door Handles for the Nissan Rogue

The exterior door handles on your Nissan Rogue are built to have a polished look while providing you with improved functionality, allowing you to operate the locking mechanism and open your doors with little effort. If you need to replace your Nissan Rogues door handles, there are a number of replacement parts available. Properly functioning door handles arent just a matter of convenience; they are part of what keeps you and your passengers safe when the car is in motion.

What type of door handles are on the Rogue?

The door handles on the exterior of your car are made from a durable ABS plastic. The material is known for its light weight and ability to take on a variety of different finishes. In terms of mechanics, the door utilizes a pull design and vertical hinge. Rather than having to tilt the handle upward, you get into your car by pulling outward on the handle.

What finish options are available for replacement door handles?

Door parts are available in a couple of different style options, although the base material is made from the same plastic. You can get components that match the original factory build or go with an option that can be customized.

  • Chrome: A chrome finish is used on factory door parts. Replacements utilize the same plating technique to match the quality of original manufacturer components. The chrome has a reflective appearance that matches the trim around your vehicle.
  • Primed black: These grips have a matte black finish. The plastic is primed so that you can apply custom paint and personalize the appearance of your doors.
What other components interact with the exterior car door handle?

Car door handles are more complex than traditional doors in a house. They work alongside a number of other components to improve the functionality, security, and durability of your vehicle.

  • Base: The door handle base is one of the most important parts of your car door. It contains the hinge and is responsible for opening the door once the handle is pulled. The handle components fit over the base.
  • Bezel and keyhole: The bezel is the trim around the handle. Each exterior handle of the Rogue uses one bezel on the opposite side of the hinge. Bezels on the driver and passenger side feature a keyhole for your key
  • Lock and actuator: The base is connected to the locking mechanism. When you pull the handles, it unlatches to open your car door. The actuator is used on power systems to move the various components. It receives an electrical signal from the cars computer to manipulate access to your cars interior.
  • Striker: The striker is a metal hook that connects to the doors lock. Theyre mounted on each side of your cars body.
What manufacturers make replacement exterior handles for the Rogue?

A number of manufacturers create replacement parts. If you prefer an original piece thats the same design as was originally fit on your Rogues doors, original equipment manufacturer parts from Nissan are available. Aftermarket products are available from brands like Avenue and Autocraft, and these parts are made to the specifications for your Nissans model year and trim level.