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Chevrolet Camaro Exhaust Pipes Tips

The exhaust pipe tips that you choose for your Chevrolet can make all the difference in the look of the car. The tips are placed on the end of the exhaust pipe to give the car a finished look. The exhaust is not aesthetically pleasing naturally, so the tips fix this issue.

What is the function of exhaust pipe tips?

Besides giving the car a finished look, the tip decreases the power output and the sound levels of your Chevrolet Camaro.

What kinds of pipe exhaust tips are there?
  • You can choose between universal and model-specific tips. Vehicle-specific tips match the exhaust perfectly and are easy to fit. The universal-fit tips are designed to fit a wide range of car models, and they have a choice in inlet and outlet diameter and length.
  • There are single-tip and dual-tip ends.
  • The shapes of the exhaust pipes tips vary between round, oval, rectangular, and square.
  • Slash and angle cut refer to the different angles under which the ends are cut, regardless of the shape. The rolled end is a rounded edge of the piece. A double-wall tip has a large outer hull and a smaller inner hull that are not visible.
  • Turn-down or Aussie cut refers to a curved downward end. Exhaust stack exhaust tips are pointed upward.
What are the different dimensions of universal pipes?
  • The inlet diameter must match the outer diameter of the tailpipe of your Chevrolet.
  • The outer diameter is the opening at the end of the pipe. If it is round, the value will be one number. If it is a different size, the diameter will have two numbers.
  • The length is measured from the beginning of the inlet pipe to the outlet area on the top side. The length must be enough to be seen without sticking out too much.
What are the different finishes of the exhaust tips?
  • Black - Black complements the look of any finish.
  • Stainless steel - Steel gives you a shiny finish.
  • Chrome - Chrome is bright and lustrous, and it is sometimes plated on the top of a stainless steel body.
  • Carbon fiber - Carbon fiber provides a premium finish when plated over a stainless steel corpus.
How are exhaust tips replaced?

Different types of exhaust tips are attached by screws or clamps or by welding the joints. Clamp-on exhaust tips are easy to install but can also be easily removed or loosened. Welded exhaust tips are more difficult to install but are secure. Before putting on the exhaust tips, clean the tailpipe. Slide in the exhaust tips. Finish the installation by either tightening the screws and clamps or welding the joint point of the tailpipe and exhaust tips.