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Eton Portable AM/FM Radios

Eton has been building on the shortwave radio model since 1986. Since then, it has created radio devices like the Eton Traveler, the Eton Shortwave Radio, and the Eton Hand Turbine Weather Alert radio.

What AM/FM radios does Eton produce?

Eton Portable AM/FM radios produce shortwave radios, radios with AM/FM, FM with Radio Data System, weather alert radios, and longwave tuning radios. Their Eton FRX3 Hand Turbine AM/FM NOAA Weather Alert Radio has a smart charger. Their AM/FM radios include:

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Executive Series
  • AM/FM Shortwave
  • Field with Bluetooth
Which weather and emergency AM/FM radios does Eton offer?

Eton's Grundig Emergency Hand Radios assist with emergency situations. Each of the Red Cross portable models feature a solar panel and hand crank charge. They also contain AC adapters and batteries, AM/FM, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) radio frequency. The NOAA broadcasts weather information from local National Weather Service offices. The following are some of their models and their features:

  • FRX1: Weather band, flashlight, glow-in-the-dark locator, alarm clock, and headphone jack.
  • FRX2: USB Smartphone charger, 3-LED flashlight, locator, receives DC power input, internal rechargeable battery, hp jack.
  • FR1: Digital display, flashlight, DC powered input with included USB cable, locator, and hp jack.
  • FRX3: Alert function (Grundig shortwave alerts you to emergencies), USB powered phone charge, flashlight, red LED flashing beacon, alarm clock, locator, and hp jack.
  • FRX5 Bluetooth: BT ready, rechargeable battery, digital tuner, USB output, splash proof, LED flashlight, locator, red beacon.
  • FRX5 Swivel: The same as the FRX5 BT, but equipped with the portable Blackout Buddy that lights when power goes out.
  • Scorpion II: Portable digital display, battery, USB output, splash proof, LED flashlight.
What does the Executive Radio offer?

The Executive Satellite and the Executive Traveler each receives an AM/FM, shortwave and longwave frequency, and world time zones. It features an alarm clock, orange LCD display, reset/lock button, adapter charge, antenna, headphone jack, and leather case.

The Satellite adds FM with RDS, VHF aircraft band, single-side band, and PLL tuning. Treble/bass control is an added audio feature.

What is the Eton AM/FM Shortwave Portable Radio?

The Grundig Mini AM/FM Shortwave is compact. This portable features internal AM and external FM antennas. It provides a digital tuner, display, and alarm. There is hand set tuning using side knobs and a key-lock function that holds it in place.

What are the features of the Field BT?

Each Eton Grundig Field BT Radio receives AM/FM with RDS and shortwave frequencies. Connect to Bluetooth to play your own music. It provides treble/bass control for better audio. It also features an external antenna for all frequencies. The 7V/DC adapter provides consistent power. They run on 4D batteries.

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