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A Short Guide to Mitsubishi Fuso FE Engine Components

Extend the life of the engine of your Mitsubishi Fuso FE by replacing worn parts. You can obtain standalone components or complete rebuild kits on eBay. These parts come in a variety of conditions like used, new, and remanufactured.

What products are available for the Mitsubishi Fuso FE?

You’ll find direct replacement parts and performance add-ons or custom components. This includes Mitsubishi rebuild kits and specific parts. New, used, and remanufactured components are available.

Who makes these parts for the Mitsubishi Fuso FE?

Many brands produce parts for the Mitsubishi Fuso FE, including ACDelco, Continental Elite, Dayco, Gates, Roadmax, and Mitsubishi. That means you can choose from aftermarket or OEM Mitsubishi components.

When would you need these components?

Use these parts when your engine requires maintenance that can extend its life. The two major reasons to rebuild one are:

  • Worn engine bearings
  • Misseated piston rings.

An engine’s moving components, like the crankshaft, pistons, and rods mount onto its bearings. This enables free movement of the components. The engine’s oil lubricates these components. While bearings are designed to last thousands of miles, they wear out eventually. Keeping your vehicle’s oil levels appropriate can help bearings last longer. A knock usually indicates a bearings issue. Piston rings corral the gases that expand when gas burns inside the cylinders. When rings wear out or are misseated, they can’t seal the cylinders. When this is the problem, the engine will smoke.

What is an engine rebuild kit?

A rebuild kit simply contains all the parts needed for an engine rebuild. They all come from a single manufacturer. Components commonly found in an engine rebuild kit include:

  • A camshaft
  • Cam bearings
  • Crank and piston bearings
  • Double roller timing chain
  • Gear set
  • Valve seals
  • Performance head gaskets
  • Piston rings

The kits also include common gaskets: intake and exhaust, thermostat housing, timing gear cover, valve cover, and water pump. A high-performance engine rebuild kit will also include a high-performance forged crankshaft and high-performance pistons. Some kits also include an intake manifold. Using a high-performance kit can result in increased engine power.

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