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Staying Clean and Stylish With Electric Shavers

When it comes to shaving, there are two popular choices: shaving with blades in a handheld device or using an electric razor. Many users prefer today's electric razors because they do not require water or shaving cream. You should be able to find new or refurbished products, as well as replacement blades and other accessories like a cleaning brush, that will fit your budget and your needs.

Is there a difference between men's and women's electric shavers?

Yes, there is. The major difference between designs for men and women is the texture of the hair they are designed to cut. An electric shaver designed for men is built to cut the thick facial hair, while a model designed for women is meant for thinner hair found on body areas such as the legs. Due to this difference, men's razors tend to cut closer to the skin than a woman's razor will.

Other differences can include:

  • Head movement - Women's razors often use a shaving head that moves more, allowing it to adjust to the contours of the body. Conversely, a man's razor design usually has a less flexible head, as the contours of the face and neck area are less extreme.
  • Ergonomic designs - Women's electric shavers are often thinner to provide a more comfortable hold for smaller hands. They also tend to have some type of nonslip material or pattern on the razor body for a better grip when shaving at awkward angles.
What types of power do electric shavers use?

Many of today's models use battery power, with manufacturers making use of rechargeable batteries on their cordless designs. Some models use non-rechargeable batteries, usually AA, AAA, or 9-volt sizes. You can also find models that require power from a standard wall outlet as well as ones you can use with either batteries or electrical power.

What is the difference between foil and rotary-style electric shavers?

There are some shaving head differences which affects how they should be used.

A foil design uses an oscillating blade system that is protected by a thin foil sheet with holes in it. Hair moves into the holes and is cut by the blades as they vibrate back and forth. This style of electric shaver should be used with up-and-down or left-to-right motions for the best results and most comfort.

The rotary style uses three separate blades that are protected by thin metal covers with holes in them. Your hair is guided into these holes and cut by spinning blades shaped like discs. When using this type of electric shaver, you need to move it in a clockwise circular pattern for best results.

Foil razors tend to cut better on cheeks and other flat areas, while rotary shavers work better on contoured areas like the jawline.

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