Piezas de carburador Edelbrock para automóviles y camiones


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Edelbrock Car and Truck Carburetor Parts

From calibration kits to rebuild kids, a wide variety of Edelbrock auto parts are readily available for your carburetor. If you have an older carbureted vehicle, replacement parts can help increase the engine performance and longevity of your car or truck. Edelbrock sells a full line of carburetor auto parts to meet your needs.

What kinds of Edelbrock carburetor parts are available?
  • Carburetor rebuild kits: Edelbrock manufactures a line of carburetor rebuild kits that are useful if you need to repair the gaskets and springs within your carb. A rebuild kit can be used to replace many components within the carburetor to provide longer life as well as create tighter seals to ensure the proper amount of air is mixed to your engine.
  • Carburetor calibration kits: An Edelbrock calibration kit includes metering rods and metering jets to ensure that your engine is receiving the correct mixture for great performance. These metering rods and metering jets replace the pieces in your existing carb to provide the flexibility for high-quality tuning.
  • Throttle linkage kits: Edelbrock also sells throttle linkage kits that are used to connect the throttle to the carb, ensuring that the correct mixture exists for any given level of fuel input. This part is essential to the operation of the carb and should be replaced as necessary. Throttle linkages are available for automatic as well as manual transmissions.
  • Adapters and spacers: These parts can be used to replace the stock carburetor in your vehicle with an aftermarket carb to enhance engine efficiency and performance.
  • Carburetor stud kits: These Edelbrock accessories can be used to mount your Edelbrock carb to the engine if the existing mounting is incompatible with your carburetor or if the existing mounts are worn-out.
  • Electric chokes: Edelbrock sells electric chokes for their carbs, which makes it easier to start your carbureted engine on a cold day. The choke allows the driver to restrict the flow of air from the carb, allowing for a fuel-rich engine start.
  • Fuel inlet kits: Edelbrock produces fuel inlets designed to flow seamlessly into your carb, allowing for gasoline to be moved from the fuel tank into the carb and mixed reliably.
Do Edelbrock carburetor parts work with all carburetors?

Edelbrock carburetor parts are designed for use in Edelbrock carbs and are not designed for use in other aftermarket or factory carburetors. If you have an Edelbrock carburetor already, Edelbrock car and truck carburetor parts can be useful to keep your engine running smoothly and at a high level of performance.